Post-Election Euphoria

Felt like post-coital bliss. Really! And then some.

Hardly had any sleep. Got to bed at 8am and tried to catch some shuteye. But the calls and SMSes kept on coming, especially from those who slept through the whole night.

Some took a look at the Sunday newspaper, and dropped it in shock.

I call that Terkejut Badak. Heh! Non-Malay speakers, imagine a shocked rhino. Can you see it? No? I can’t either.

Anyway, I guess the national atmosphere right now is of Disbelief.

Stay there, get over the shock. Go get stoned (don’t stone others laa, Musa Hassan warned you to behave didn’t he?)

Tomorrow, we shall inspect the carnage. Lots of graves to dig.

For now, congratulate yourselves, you Malaysian voters. Because it is not Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi Awang or Lim Kit Siang who made it happen.

It is YOU and me.

We made history.


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