Info blackout or server problem?

I can’t seem to access certain Blogspot blogs.

Neither can I see much of Malaysia Today or Malaysiakini.

There doesn’t seem to a problem with WordPress blogs though.

Can any of you tell me what’s going on? Can fellow WordPress bloggers in Malaysia fill the current blog blackout with some updates.

Sheih , Tok Mommy and Susan Loone is doing it already. So are Nathaniel and Bakaq, who is aggregating the updates.

Anyone else?

The mainstream media seem to be delaying some of the updates. Maybe they are waiting for confirmations and stuff.

After all, this is an unprecedented result in the history of Malaysian elections. After all, the public came out and decided what they want. Understandably the Barisan Nasional coalition is shocked out of its collective pants.


2 thoughts on “Info blackout or server problem?

  1. You are right. The DNS to was modified…also there was temporary streamyx ppp disconnection during the critical moments.. it has since been restored, almost 1 hour later.

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