Elizabeth Wong and Sivarasa win!

 Another blogger brethren wins, headed for Selangor State Assembly.

Eli wins her state seat in Bukit Lanjan for PKR. Sivarasa Rasiah win the Subang Parliament seat also for PKR.

The results cascading in are really really unbelievable.

DAP’s M.Manoharan, one of the Hindraf five currently detained under Internal Security Act in Kamunting, has won by a 7,000 vote majority.

The Negri Sembilan MB has lost his seat. Word has it that Khairy Jamaludin lost his Rembau seat by a bit more than 100 votes, but has now demanded a recount.

I am bloody proud of my fellow Malaysians today!

Malaysia indeed Boleh!

Whoo Hoo!


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