Yup…I had been named the Parti Undi Rosak candidate for Teluk Kemang Parliamentary constituency.


Calon Teluk Kemang.

What are u staring at? You jealous you’re not named? Lu Suey maa.

I have much faith in the party and will not let it down. I’m running against MIC incumbent Datuk S.Sothinathan. You know the guy. The MIC fighter cock who was suspended from parliament for 3 months, almost two years ago, for speaking (or rather crowing) his mind. He is seeking reelection.

And of course that PKR guy…Whatshisface bin Whatshisname. I went over to visit the voters last weekend. and found lotsa disgruntled ones.

One apparently chased Sothinathan with this broom.


Why? Cos he apparently said “I don’t need Indian votes to win”. Heheh. Nice.

I thank Sothi for increasing my chances of winning. I promise the people of Port Dickson (old name for Teluk Kemang constituency) that president Pazuzu himself will come down and personally thank them for their support all these years.

Hidup Pundak!


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