Another temple demolished?

So says an SMS that is going around. Did some checking with some burung kecik and found that….

This time around it is in Rantau, Negri Sembilan. Word has it that some clueless estate manager in Ladang Linsum, Rantau had the Hindu temple torn down.

I’m sure it was perfectly within their legal right to do so. Linsum Estate, if I’m not mistaken, belongs to Golden Hope Plantations. But such a demolition coming just a few days before general elections in an area where 24% of the voters are Indians is not a very smart move.

This fact was probably realised by the incumbent state assemblyman Datuk Mohamad Hassan, who is defending his seat. Mohamad, who is also the NS Mentri Besar, apparently went down for some damage control, and promised that the temple would be rebuilt.

He must be aware of the repercussions of this incident at a time when Hindraf is beating the Makkal Sakthi (People Power) drum.

Interestingly, DUN N25 Rantau is one of the four state constituencies to come under the Rembau parliamentary seat (P131). Rembau as we all know, is indeed one of the most watched contests as Malaysia votes in General Elections 2008.

This could mean less votes for Mohamad Hassan and Khairy Jamaluddin and a gain for blogger Chegubard who is challenging him under the PKR ticket.

Details of the Rembau constituency makeup is here, thanks to Utusan Online.


2 thoughts on “Another temple demolished?

  1. You’ve got it only partially true…

    The damage was inflicted by the estate manager – coincidently a pro-PKR person. My friend told me Sime Darby rebuilt the temple. The manager will be sacked. Apparently, the manager did this to fix KJ (!)

  2. I heard that piece of news only today. Thanks for pointing it out. Who knows, it was a plot to fix KJ. In which case it is a horrible act.

    Because firstly, it blows the whole PKR baloney abt championing the rights of Indians to kingdom come.

    Secondly, to sink this low just to blow KJ away is horrid. That makes them no better than him.

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