Desperate Measures


MCA must have run out of ideas to have stooped so low as to invest in character assasination of Theresa Kok, the incumbent MP of Seputeh.

This was shot at Taman Desa, off Old Klang Road. My neighbours who saw this billboard were angered by the cheap shot.


This is not going to endear her challenger Carol Chew (MCA) to the voters, even if I suspect Ms Chew has nothing to do with this.

The Elections Commission also announced that the indelible ink will not be used, citing security and public order reasons.

I’d like to think this measure is to facilitate the coming and going of phantom voters, who are even more necessary now that the ruling coalition begin feeling uneasy about public support in certain areas.

But then it wasn’t me who said this elections will be the dirtiest in Malaysian history. Ex-PM Tun Mahathir did. He should know. He was the country’s biggest practitioner of the Macchiavelian school of politics.


2 thoughts on “Desperate Measures

  1. They shoot themselves in the foot all the time. Theresa is going to win against this time, and Carol can blame her own party for blowing her chances.

    Bolo punya olang.

  2. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Win at all costs! SPR, the running dog of the Be End has already been let loose! No shot is ever too cheap or too low, Sis… 😦

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