One Ooi Chuan Aun made it to NST

One of those things that make u snigger.

Jeff Ooi, one of Malaysia’s elder god of blogging, is running for Parliament. Everyone knows that.

Today though he appeared in a New Straits Times report as Ooi Chuan Aun. NST as we know, belongs to the media group that is suing Jeff and Rocky.

It was kinda funny therefore, to see his views actually featured in the newspaper, which is NOT known for impartiality(but then again neither is The Star, Utusan, Berita Harian and the Opposition papers). Maybe they are trying. Here, read for yourself.

Thank you, Syed Nazri.

However, Jeff was consistently referred to as Ooi Chuan Aun and never in his better known “Jeff Ooi”. If he wasn’t referred to as the DAP candidate for Jelutong, I wouldn’t know it was him.

I knew Jeff as someone rather meticulous with facts n figures, and someone with the tenacity of a bulldog, even if he does get personal sometimes. I’m sure he’s furnish the figures.

I also wish all the luck to blogger types Tony Pua (taking on PJU’s Chew Mei Fun), Elizabeth Wong  and CheguBard who’s taking on Khairy Jamaludin in Rembau.


2 thoughts on “One Ooi Chuan Aun made it to NST

  1. Yup… Thank God we still have conscientious folk like SN in there, AR.

    Mmmm… Eli is standing in MY constituency N37 of Bukit Lanjan. Too bad I can’t give her a hand or vote for her… 😦

    Let’s pray they can all slay Goliath!

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