Hillary Clinton is daft

According to this news report, the Democratic candidate for White House 2008 is relying on female votes to give her an edge over hugely popular fellow Democrat and first time Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

The chicks in America are falling over themselves, over Obama. The Chistian Science Monitor examines the charisma angle in this Opinion piece. Interesting.

Funnily enough, I would like to think American women would see the value of pushing a woman into the White House. The glass ceiling argument etc etc….

However, Hillary’s own battleaxe/bitch persona doesn’t seem to endear her. In fact, pundits and journos observed that access to her campaign insiders only started being relaxed in those desperate days after Obama started winning state after state across America.

I’m sorry Mrs Clinton. While I think it is long past due that the US of A gets a female president, I think you might just not make it, cos Americans are suckers for romance, and Obama certainly is Kennedy-esque in his charm.

Hell, his voice stopped me in my tracks.



2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is daft

  1. Hell… he’s pretty impressive, Indonesian roots and all. But it’s a bit of a stretch to see a black man in the White House (although I too want to see this happen). At the end of the day, although B.Hussein will probably get the Democratic ticket but at the end of the day John McCain (who spent 5 years at the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ – rat infested slime pit) would be The Man. I think being such a military Nation and in a “wartime” era, Americans would probably go for someone with solid military credentials. If Barrack had only served, then it might clinch the deal… I hope I’m wrong here.

  2. Obama is a phony and a charlatan. His past actions speaks for themselves, they are opportunistic and self-serving. He is nothing but a typical politician, and stands for nothing but himself. Do not be fooled by the grand illusion of Obama, the phony and charlatan.

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