You Go, Theresa!

Theresa Kok, the battle-hardened MP of Seputeh, is being screwed in a very very amateurish manner by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and the Umno Seputeh.

Go read more at her blog.

I have seen some really dirty maneuvers in the months past by these folks in my neighbourhood.

However, if they think this is gonna make the people of Seputeh constituency vote for them…..


….perut sakit loh! Last term, this MCA candidate Banie Chin said Theresa is not fit to be MP cos she is an unmaried female. He lost.

By the way, the upgrading of Jalan Kelang Lama was Satu Projek Kerajaan….they owe it to taxpayers. It happens to be a Kerajaan Barisan Nasional, but that is just incidental.

It could be a Projek Barisan Bersih in the future. The thing is, this kinda stupid moves might work in a rural area, but this is Kuala Lumpur.

People are informed.

Enuf said.


4 thoughts on “You Go, Theresa!

  1. I think the govt is under estimating the ppl.i m not sure bout those in power but the ppl have matured and we know right from wrong! all these dirty tactics will only backfire..Teresa has been nothing but superb for seputeh and hopefully more teresa’s emerge to take the nation forward!

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