That is not a website address. It is my way of comemorating the political demise of what must be one of the most repulsive Parliamentarians in Malaysian history. 

One of the three enfant terrible of the last Parliament will not return to those halls again. At least not this coming term. Part of my wish answered :).

  A news alert from The Star said Jasin’s incumbent MP Mohd Said Yusof has been dropped from Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam’s list of names given to PM Abdullah Badawi as Umno candidates from the state.

Lots of women who felt as insulted as DAP’s erstwhile postergirl and lately resigned Batu Gajah MP Gong Po Kuan by his “bocor” remarks would no doubt cheer.

The celupar and rather thick-skinned MP whose main claim to fame is a runaway mouth and an alleged graft scandal (note the Wikipedia entry in his name) should now retire to his lubuk and sit quietly.

If he does come out, then maybe only when he has improved on his lousy public manners that got him in trouble in the first place.

A Malay proverb comes to mind. Kerana Mulut Badan Binasa. In this case, it is his career.

BTW, what happened to his timber company, Binyu Sof Enterprise? Has ACA and the Customs and everyone else tutup sebelah mata as well?

And now that he’s dropped….what about the other two jackasses? Bung Mukhtar Radin (Kinabatangan) and Badrudin Amiruldin (Jerai).


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  1. thart badruddin moron fella also ought to be out becos ‘God needs to punish him’.

    in selangor, zakar-ia the ‘mansion-man’ was also booted out. he should have been given the broom long time ago..

  2. Aiy yai yai… he..

    Good thing his relegated to his lubok. But hopefully ACA will not tutupmata_sebelah/html. on this idiot.

    It’s people like him along with that bung (dung is more like it) that makes my head hang low to be a Malaysian because we have reps like this. Hope Ms Fong will kick ass… and now Kumutha too! Sis bila nak pegi interview the latter ni? It’s be interesting!

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