Truly Wonderful

 For a long time, reading the newspapers served only to depress me. One reason is all the bad news that I see in print. The other is all the scheming and lying that goes on daily in Bolehsia.

A third is the fact that the number that I buy never seems to hit the top prize in Kuda, Toto or Magnum. But that’s another sorry …er, story.

But porpoises frolicking? That too of Penang island? Nice 🙂 Very Nice. Ai yai yai yai yai…Me happy.


Pix borrowed from

You see, I discovered the word porpoise as a child, thanks to Jules Verne’s mind-blowing Journey to The Centre of the Earth. I thought at first that it was a fictional creature. Then later, I thought it was some pre-historic giant sea snake gone extinct.

Nay, people. They are alive and well and apparently they come to Penang too.

Kudos to The Star for this one.

Read more about Porpoises. They are cute sea creatures related to whales and dolphins. And the sight of them along our shores must augur well. I certainly hope so.


2 thoughts on “Truly Wonderful

  1. I took the pic from a site that identified these as porpoises. They do look rather like dolphins, don’t they.
    If you can verify that it is a dolphin. then I stand corrected 🙂

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