Let The Mayhem Begin

The parliament has been dissolved, which means the 12th general elections will be held soon, possibly in the first week of March.

This will be a very interesting GE for many reasons. It is also one I expect to be the dirtiest in Malaysian history. A lot of things are at stake here so the participants will go all out.

To woo you for YOUR VOTE. You are not stupid. (You may have been before, but you have no reason to still be). Vote wisely.

Of course, this is the time the ruling party’s people will do ANYTHING for you. Short of undoing your pants and giving you a B^$#J*~! (some might literally stoop to that).

And enjoy the fun. By the way, if you roof needs repair, your neighbourhood drain needs deepening, you need a tarred road up to your kitchen, just tell your incumbent candidate. Dreams can come true in these next three weeks.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some interesting stuff on the ground, when I hit some of the Klang Valley candidate’s campaign trail.

See you there!


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