Elections and “Buang Tabiat”

Funny…as the general elections draw near, you get these politicians bending, contorting and twisting every which way to get elected. They say and do a lot of things that u might find unthinkable in other times.

The assholes get friendly and political has-beens dust themselves and set out to get mileage. Of course, the same old lies steeped in denial will not go out of fashion.

It doesn’t stop at the small fry. Even the biggies do it.

Here’s a sample.

 1. Pak Lah says Malaysians are delicious

2. Paedophile crawls out of the woodwork to say lame things.

3. Gagged and bound university students love Barisan.

4. Sabah costs RM5 billion, on paper.

5. BN will win 100% says Samy Vellu.



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