Screw the Papers


A group of Malaysians led by lawyer/blogger Harris Ibrahim  of People’s Parliament today announced this campaign to boycott the mainstream newspapers. He announced it at the Blog House in Damansara Heights today.

Why? Because the mainstream newspapers (largely government propaganda tools) “have been misleading the people. I suppose that fact is something you and I have known for sometime now.

But I guess its time to do something about it. On that score I agree with the goals of Harris and his band.

So, from tomorrow, we boycott the newspapers on every Tuesday. Hit the circulation and the readership. Let’s see if this campaign can have a viral impact.


Better still, stop buying the physical newspapers altogether. View them online if u have to get some news. And those of you who need to see Kuda, Toto, Magnum results, hell, you can always visit their websites, or subscribe to results via SMS.

This is for now, IMHO, more a symbolic gesture, but I hope it will snowball into something that tells the thick heads in the media that the readership is disgusted with the spin doctoring of events and issues and the lack of check and balance mechanism on the mainstream media, which has been and is a powerful tool for shaping opinions.

By the way, it was kinda ironic that this boycott was announced at a press conference with mainstream media reporters present, and this was pointed out by The Star’s Saodah Elias.

Harris’ reply was somewhat to the tune of, “yes it does sound that way on the surface but actually here we are, actually telling you guys that we are doing this.” Now, if this story actually sees print on the mainstream media come tomorrow morning, well, : ) let’s just see…


2 thoughts on “Screw the Papers

  1. Anu, you used to work in the MSM, so why are you so eager to pin them as peddlers of lies?
    The truth is what you see from your point of view.The alternative media have their agenda, Malaysiakini looks and sounds like an opposition media outlet to me. It does not matter what they say, everything that appears there is tainted by that point of view, the same goes to Malaysia Today, which is the voice of one frustrated person who was conned, cheated by Anwar Ibrahim. he fires to all sides but that does not make his stories more reliable, in fact some of them are simply lies (like the one where he claims that the RAMD had moved their assets to the capital to act if the police turn against the crowd during the Bersih Rally. Reality: they did move their armoured car and troops but it is to protect the palace in case things got out of hand since the Agong is their supreme commander)
    Your blog is full of angry words and this is the clearest indication that it may not be reliable.

  2. Yeah. I did use to be there. But what part of the allegation isn’t true, lemme ask u.

    I do not deny that Malaysiakini has its own agenda. I’ve known that for a long time. And so does Malaysia today. My raison d’etre is just to be part of a movement that tells the media people that “hey, we can choose not to buy your newspaper and swallow everything you have to offer bulat bulat.

    I’m not alone. Many others, some of them still with the MSM, feel the same way. I’ve seen spin doctoring, I’ve seen selective reporting, slanting without a check by other points of view.

    Ur wrong to say my blog is full of angry words. It has sad and beautiful ones too. This particular post is angry but then I feel I am justified in being angry. You can choose to disagree with me. No problem. That’s democracy.
    But take this very comment (but against one of the papers) of yours and see if it gets published. I on the other hand chose to allow your comment.

    My blog is a collection of my thoughts, observations and opinions. You need not agree with me. I’m ok with that.

    And i’m not so naive as to take what is written in MalaysiaToday and Malaysiakini as gospel. And Anwar Ibrahim? Heheh, will not touch that fella with a ten-foot pole.

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