Nature is simply breathtaking

 Malaysia is home to simply thousands of floral species. Would be amiss not to celebrate the floral bounty of this on my blog.

 heliconia.jpg  flowers-11.jpg 

Above is the grand Heliconia and next to it, a gorgeous yellow Hibiscus.


The truth is, I can’t name this white flower above. Tried looking it up, but it was futile.


A bunch of lovely cream-coloured daises.


The Bird’s Nest Fern that is easier to find in a garden than in a forest these days.


A solitary white daisy.



dsc04095.jpg dsc03899.jpg

I believe the yellow orchid is of the Cattleya family but can’t be more specific. The magenta/fuchsia coloured one is a Phalaenopsis hybrid

floral-24.jpg A tri-colour chrysanthemum.


A muted yellow daisy, after the rain.


There is something iresistible yet poignant about this solitary pink rose whose petals are rain-drenched.


3 thoughts on “Nature is simply breathtaking

  1. Hi

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  2. lovely flowers and all, i betcha some of their scientific names are tainted with a little bit of noris here and endons there and for any newly discovered orchids, i’ll put my life saving the name would be something like jeanne speciosa or something silly like that.

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