Lingam Chronicles

 What tha Hell?


Some rather embarrassing and downright disturbing reports emerged from the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s delving into the sordid Lingam Chronicles.

1. A lawyer in private practice is privy to Official Secrets that is even higher than the Executive; the appointment of judges to the bench.

2. The Chief Secretary to the Govt is clueless about it.

3. A powerbroker seems to chart the course of the judiciary in Malaysia (supposedly one that is above the executive and constitutionally-provided)

4.Former Prime Minister does a Reagan. Can’t remember why he dropped the two names.

5. Anti Corruption Agency says it won’t probe Lingam’s brother’s allegation that he was close with then Chief Justice Tun Eusoff Chin.

6. I can’t afford Patrick Saw’s T-shirts 😦

7. Ku Nan who doesn’t know what is going on in his own backyard, calls Lingam a drunkard. He maybe right though. Lingam kinda looks a big drunken squid with his highball glass. Cognac ah Latuk?


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