Another Case of Kill The Messenger

That moron (sorry Pasquale) of a Minister doesn’t know what’s going on in his own ministry. He says so here. He would if he was there more often, I guess.

But what irritates me most is this.

He said the ministry was also investigating how the allegation had reached the media and who had leaked the information. 

“We believe it could be some staff members who are unhappy and disappointed with recent promotions in the ministry, because one of the accused was also promoted.” – The Star

It has been going on, again and again. Everytime an embarrassing allegation crops up, instead of probing it, they go after the source of a rumour. Always the messengers who get discredited, and rarely the message is heard.

They did it in the case of Lingam, Chua Soi Lek, Judge Idid etc etc.

 The modus operandi is always the same. Go after the leak, beat/threaten/buy them into submission and pretend nothing happened. After a while, the public will forget.

They are right though. We do forget easily. Yesterday’s indignant fellow will forget the subject in days if not months.

This is why we continue to get screwed by our leaders. Because they know we r such gulls.


3 thoughts on “Another Case of Kill The Messenger

  1. Been perusing the The Star lately eh Sis? Frankly what I read everyday sickens me. Same old, same old. Killing The Messenger seems to be de rigueur these days. We ALL know it’s Lingam in the tape. Let’s see how this thing is going to be played out. All the culprits seems to be living happily ever after, Sis –only in Bolehland.

  2. Indeed. These are the days when truth is relative, morality is a flexible thing, and humanity as well as charity is only for Corporate Social Responsibility purposes.

    Bolehland. Where everything also can

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