Of Choy Sum and Humanity

Over late lunch at the neighbourhood chicken rice shop, I was joined by a neighbour (Uncle Lim) who likes is beer in the afternoon. He always made good company and I look forward to conversations with him.

I told Uncle Lim about this story, and the happy ending where the farmer who found the dumped baskets of fresh Sawi (mustard leaf or Choy Sum) got it to a nearby old folks home.

Uncle Lim said it is widespread practice among farmers to just dump their fresh produce if there is a glut and he agrees with the practice. I protested, saying why not just give it away to the poor and needy instead of throwing it away.

For one, just dumping it will result in increase in garbage. And what sheer waste to just throw away perfectly good fresh produce when you know that even in Malaysia, there are still people who go hungry because they are penniless.

 Uncle Lim fobbed me off with some vague reply about how business is business, charity is charity. I left, quite out of charity with the old guy who probably thinks I’m a bleeding heart who will never amount to success because I lack the necessary “hardness”.

I left thinking, how, on the opposite end of the humanity scale, you have people like this wonderful gang of youngsters, who pool together their money, time, effort to feed Kuala Lumpur’s hungry and destitute.

It cheers me somewhat to know that with all the evil man wreaks on his surroundings, there are still those who water the earth with the milk of kindness.

I suppose the world balances itself out this way.


2 thoughts on “Of Choy Sum and Humanity

  1. I used to think life has been especially cruel to me, until I encountered a quadri-plegic.
    I used to think I was unfortunate. Then one say, I saw a shabbily dressed beggar sharing his small packet of nasi lemak with a stray cat.
    If we don’t learn from life, we don’t deserve this life.

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