Innocence at Risk


Sharlinie is missing. I hope this time around, we can set aside red tape, territorial fights, insidious rumours, and just help find the little girl. I read today that it was a woman who drew her to a car and spirited her away.

I’ve a story to tell you, about how animals can have more humanity and how humans can be so much worse than animals.

One day last year, I made my way to a teh tarik stall in the neighbourhood. Five minutes of waiting, yet none of the boys came to take my order.

Looking up, I found all of them looking across the road. Followed their gaze and found a little black bird there. Made my way over. It was a baby crow, possibly fell out of its nest.

I drew closer, intending to take the baby and put it on a tree nook that’ll be safe than the sidewalk. Then the boys yelled, “watch out!”. I looked up and just barely avoided an angry crow swooping down on me.

The boys told me that they tried to rescue the baby crow too. But the momma crow did its best to head them off and protect its baby.

The momma crow must know that we human beings are the worst threat among them all. Wise bird.

For among us exist murderers, rapists, kidnappers. People who are supposed to be intelligent but commit senseless crime, people who enjoy torture, people who enjoy killing as a sport, people who wouldn’t lose sleep over making another human being suffer, let alone another animal.

Let me recap how some innocent children died in Malaysia in the past year.


Shearway Ooi, 4, reported missing by her mom in July last year. Her burnt remains were found on 8 July 2007. Her mother and boyfriend charged over Ooi’s death.


Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 9, went missing in August 2007. Found dead on 17 Sept 2007. The search for her went nationwide, her death provoked public outrage and spurred an emergency response initiative like America’s Amber Alert. However, to my best knowledge, Nurin Alert is still not operational


Chin Kha Mun, 12, went missing early November, and later found drowned. She and her friend had apparently asked a man to take them to the river. Both fell in the river, but the man managed to rescue only one. He kept it to himself, thus ensuring Kha Mun’s death by his failure to get help.


Presheena Varshiny, 9, was raped, sodomised and flung over the balcony. Died on the spot on 5 November 2007. Her father is suing the Casa Mila Condo in Bukit Idaman, Selayang for lax security. Police remanded some foreigners in connection with the case, but no progress so far. Her father feels she mati katak.

These kids will not be forgotten. Let us all ensure these children did not die in vain or unavenged.


2 thoughts on “Innocence at Risk

  1. Sis,

    And while we lament these crimes and apparent policy of non-interference in the predicaments of ordinary Malaysian by our appointed guardians, take a look at this story from the Sun. Since I first read this last week, said person must have sunk several notches down from helplessness to pure desperation. Enjoy your Sunday lunches.

    Blind, deaf and sent in circles by welfare dept

    I am a blind and deaf person, who in 1999 had to move out of the hostel for the blind located next to the Tun Hussein Eye Hospital, Petaling Jaya as the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) wanted the land back to expand the hospital.

    Having nowhere to stay, I managed to occupy a room in a house which another blind friend, Mr. Leong, who was similarly affected, had in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. Mr Leong was kind enough to offer accommodation rent-free to five blind girls affected by the move.

    I managed from 1999 onwards to obtain aid from the Welfare Department. Then in July 2007 that aid was suddenly stopped. Wanting to know the reason for this I went to the Welfare Office in Petaling Jaya and was told that my residential address was in Kuala Lumpur and so my name was now with the Kuala Lumpur Welfare Office.

    Although puzzled as I had not changed residence, I went to the MAB office to get the Deputy Director to telephone the Kuala Lumpur Office to find out the situation. He was informed that my name was not in their list and that I should go to the Petaling Jaya Office to clarify matters.

    This occurred a number of times. Each Office in turn informed me that my name was not in their list and that I should check with the other office. I had to move from office to office like a ping pong ball in play. All this occurred despite the fact that the Welfare Officer from the Petaling Jaya Office had visited me in Leong’s house and had even interviewed me there!

    Now seven months have passed and this matter has not been resolved. I have not enough money for food and have to share what food Leong and my friends can provide. My only source of income is from freelance massages which I do when I can get clients, which is not frequent as communication between me and the clients is difficult because of my disabilities.

    I have a disabled father who needs a walker to move about. My elderly mother is crippled by osteoarthritis and can only crawl about. I used to help them whenever I go home to my kampung. But this year I could not do this as I lacked funds.

    So I approached a very good friend whom I have known for 30 years to assist me in this matter. She contacted both the Kuala Lumpur and the Petaling Jaya Welfare Offices. They could not give her satisfactory answers. They only claimed that I had moved to Kuala Lumpur as they had a record which gave my address as No.15, Jalan Tun Sambathan 4, Kuala Lumpur.

    Now this friend visited this address and found it to be a shophouse used by a motorcycle repair shop together with a hair saloon. So how could that be my residential address? Also in dealing with this matter why couldn’t each branch contact the other to try to resolve this matter, instead of pushing me from branch to branch.

    So how am I to live now? What do I do? Go on the streets and beg?

    Wan Zainun Wan Mohamad
    Petaling Jaya

  2. I know of a HIV+ friend who contacted the virus from her husband (who later divorced her AND REMARRIED) who had no job, was always ill n in need of medical attention and was waiting ages for some kinda help but was given runaround by one agency, department or another.

    Things can get pretty desperate and you know what? The bureaucrats can just shrug and say they their records say this or that and consequently they can’t help.

    You have to blow up a story, kick up a major fuss (preferably in the media) before someone notices.

    Sad world we live in.

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