Crime Rulez OK

Violent crime seems to be a just another day’s occurence in Malaysia these days. There seems to be no shortage of high profile murders, robberies, shootouts and abductions in the past year.

This afternoon an MIC politician was gunned down at the state MIC headquarters in Johor Baru. Tenggaroh State Assemblyman S.Krishnasamy was shot dead inside the building’s compound.

Says a lot about the sheer audacity of the gunman, shooting someone dead in broad daylight, in public.

And this is not Washington D.C, not New Orleans, not Jamaica. This is Malaysia, where there is ostensibly gun control, where illegal possession of firearms gets you the hangman’s noose.

But I guess this politician just mati katak. I don’t think this crime will be solved. Two shots, they say. Sounds like an execution.

This makes the second seat to be without a Wakil Rakyat in Johor. After Chua Soi Lek’s rather quick departure following the DVD scandal, Labis parliament seat is MP-less. Now Tenggaroh is without its state assemblyman.

Since the Election Commission’s Rashid says there is not going to be a by-election, I guess the General Election is very very near indeed.

While Krishnasamy’s family mourns, the vultures in MIC will begin circling now, to be the favoured, to be named the deceased successor.

Yes, it gets this ugly in politics.


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