Protest by Police?

Last night’s drizzle did keep some people away from the planned Anti-ISA vigil at Dataran Merdeka. In fact, I would say just about 300 people turned out.


It was a peaceful enough walk with most people holding candles. Met some familiar faces, including Uncle Zorro and Black.

But that was not news. What’s interesting is that there were at least 500 cops there, including the FRU drones, the vest-clad tired-looking CID fellas (and a gal) and uniformed policemen.

They commandeered the entire stretch of Jalan Raja from Sultan Abdul Samad building all the way to the Jalan Tun Perak/Tuanku Abdul Rahman junction, filling the closed roads with the trucks.

From 8.30 pm till 9.15pm it was quite a quiet walk without much fuss. Then the cops decided the waiting game is over. And began marching.


It really looked like a rally by cops. I wonder if THEY got permit. Heh!

At 9.30pm the one truck they brought all the way through to Leboh Pasar, started spraying its chemical-laced water to disperse the truck.


There were a lot of uuhs and aaahs kinda noises…(like the spartan warriors in 300). They even ran screaming down a backlane. I thought they were beating up people but no…just the sound effects.

It was funny…I tell ya.

Then everyone went home….(dunno if they lived happily ever after).


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