Malaysia’s own Zippergate


He quit! He said “the rakyat wants me to quit”. Thing is, he quit everything, from the Ministership to the party posts. So from now till the General Elections, the people of Labis (his constituency) have no wakil rakyat laa.

But Dr Chua made a valid point with his parting potshot at the sanctimonious political multitude by saying things like….”macam semua golongan ulamak”

I agree with what he said though. Today everyone laughs at this man’s humiliation, but how many of our prominent politicians can claim to be “clean” where this kinda scandals are concerned?

They all have penises don’t they? They all want some kinda variety don’t they? Chua’s misfortune is that he was caught in the act.

That doesn’t mean you f****ers out there are saints…so don’t rejoice so much at this man’s misery.

How’s this for a sobering thought….no hotel room is safe. Wanna rethink that dirty weekend, my dear YBs?


Yeeee Haaaa! Giddy Up Giddy Up!

Malaysia’s Health Minister seems to be in the pink of health as he indulges in what The Star terms as “sexual antics” in the best selling amateur DVD of recent times.

 He admitted it. Must have been a clear enough copy. ROFL! Any of you saw this latest episode that I must call Kisah Menteri Kesihatan Terlampau? I haven’t.

Meanwhile, like most good wifeys, da Missus is standing by Chua. That’s your average PR stand, something the wife of Haniff Basree (accused of killing Noritta Shamsudin and later acquitted without defence being called)  and Hillary Clinton (American Presidential candidate and wife of “I did not have sex with that woman” Bill Clinton) would be familiar with.

But whether or not he will get surgically castrated by his doctor wife the next time he comes home with “honey, i’m horny” is yet to be known. It is obvious by the reports though that

Why don’t these guys learn? Politicians and the media, and us bloggers too, are a bloody sanctimonious lot. Remember the 11th Commandment? THOU SHALT NOT GET CAUGHT (with your zipper down).

Chua however remains defiant, saying he will not quit, instead leaving his political fate to MCA prez Ong Ka Ting and PM Abdullah Badawi.

Tak Malu Punya Jantan! Yo, save the little dignity you have left and leave quietly man.


Satu Lagi “Projek” Kerajaan Barisan Nasional.



One thought on “Malaysia’s own Zippergate

  1. You’re just evil aint you Anu 🙂 . Seen his wife lately ?? Give the poor man a break lah . It was not like he was having an affair with his Chambermaid while his wife was Cancer Stricken Okay .Wrong is wrong ….. “Let the one without sin cast the first stone.” Am Waiting ……

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