A New Year Dawns

Happy New Year readers. This simple greeting betrays a lot of hope of happier times ahead, although on the sociopolitical scene, I’m not so optimistic.

What lies ahead for Malaysia? A long amble towards greater civil liberties? Heheh… (can’t resist sniggering).

Ballot Box Pic from The Star. Transparent ballot box. The government’s answer to greater transparency…LOL!

The general elections are due in a matter of months. The voter registration exercise ended yesterday. Whether these new bunch of suddenly-aware people CAN vote is another story.

After all, the Election Commission ensured that almost 500,000 registered voters were unable to vote during the ’99 elections due to”glitches”.

The EC chairman’s term has been extended and it required a Constinutional amendment for that to happen.

If the Malaysian Constitution is a T-Shirt, those who designed and stitched it will turn in their graves to see the sacred document now, with patches all over denoting the number of time it has been amended to suit the political will of those in power.

Still, it is your fault and mine, to elect morons, yes-men and little Macchavelis into governance.

May this year bring some enlightenment to all of you.

It is my dearest wish that my fellow Malaysians wake up and smell the sewer filth that our country really is, and do something about cleaning it up.

I have some brooms and disinfectants. Need help?


4 thoughts on “A New Year Dawns

  1. personally, i can’t wait for the G.E. its like santa comes a calling, handing out goodies to all, regardless of their background. only that regretably this santa appears once in 5 years.

    happy new year, anu. wishing you and your loved ones a prosperous 2008!

  2. Dont know much about M’sian politics and M’sia in general, except “Sayang, Apa Khobor” ! Gala, it seems like you are still in the business… ! Wish you a happy New Year!

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