Farewell to Benazir

Just when you’s think some semblance of normalcy is on the embattled Pakistan’s horizon, tragedy strikes, again.

Benazir Bhutto, the 54-old daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s former prome minister, suffers the same fate of her father when she was killed by a suicide bomber today at a rally in Rawalpindi.

Chaos is in store for Pakistan I guess, after this heinous incident. 20 other people were reportedly killed in the attack. Just when Pakistan braces itself for a slow return to elected parliament and democracy.

Read her obituary at BBC.

Who’s to blame? The Talibans? Musharaf? God knows, but here is another example of extremist politics and death as an expedient way to power.

The Bhuttos’ lives and deaths are in close parallel with the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty of India. Benazir, her father and her brothers were all killed for their politics, just like Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi and some say, even her second son Sanjay who perished in a helicopter crash in the early 80s.

Rest In Peace, Benazir. I pray for your soul and for peace in Pakistan.

The Pakistanis surely could do with our prayers now.


5 thoughts on “Farewell to Benazir

  1. Sis,

    Glad you have trotted out the usual suspects in this tragedy, but for one glaring omission..the CIA. They too have a history that is as bloody and black as any other you can think of.

    Bottom line is that witnessing the results of that creature in the White House and his accomplices, wanting to bring their brand of democracy to the world in their misguided attempts at advancing their own narrow, vile, and selfish agendas. How many more innocents will have to die while the neocons continue to lie, deceive and steal from the rest of the world.

    It’s a shame that she has to go like this. But its even worse when fingers are pointed before the evidence is in.

  2. Now that u bring those meddling bastards in, yeah why not CIA? Granted, they had their collective fingers in every dirty, bent, stolen and even extremist pie in the global geopolitical scene.
    Only, my gut says a CIA involvement feels all wrong.
    But that’s just my gut. And right now my gut is suffering from a bout of food poisoning. *sigh*

  3. Food poisoning ??? hmmmm , that sounds sinisterly typical of the Boys from Langley ! But , In 1970, President Nixon ordered the CIA to destroy its entire stock of saxitoxin, painstakingly collected over several years, as part of the US commitment in accordance with the United Nations agreement on biological weapons . If i were you i’d lay off Curry Puffs and Mee Rebus for some time . Charcoal Tablets Dear !!!Get well soon . And as for Benazir …….. Leaders will come and Leaders will go ……. But the fools who elect them will remain Forever !

  4. I’m still reeling and numbed from the loss, Sis. We all know who the catalyst for this is. CIA isn’t inolved but US gov’t created the impetus by using Pakistan as a staging area in the hunt for Al-Qaeda that created all sorts of extremists. Just look at Iraq. But what can WE do?

  5. Jediraj,

    saxitoxin? hmm, interesting.


    we can pray. that’s abt all we, the rest of humanity, can do. It is in the military industrial complex’s interest to keep the world forever in strife. They arm everyone don’t they? U think those Talibans, Al-Qaeda, Pakistani army and everyone else make their own guns?

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