Malaysian Bloggeratis under Threat?

You tell me.  

Disturbing thing to read on Christmas Day. But there it is. Another blogger faces the wrath of the Copzilas. This time it is Cucu Mat Kilau from Pahang. He details his ordeal pretty vividly here.

Bloggers Datuk Ron of Kuda Kepang and Rocky both have their postings on this matter. I would like to verify the truth of this account too, but how?

I certainly hope cucu mat kilau has lined up his witnesses since the police are bound to dispute his version of events. Not that the police are paragons of honest virtue. Hardly.

Cucu Mat Kilau says he was handcuffed while still in his briefs….and his privates examined. Sounds like bloody gay perverts.

And then they dragged him to the station and treated him like a drug addict/pusher. Subjected him to some intimidation before releasing him after his urine test showed no trace of drugs.

Reading his account, I have many questions, but one stands out.

Why does it take EIGHT cops to book one guy?

Sounds really dodgy to me. I hope Jalaludin Hassan’s brother has some explanation.


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