Ideally Idle, Speculative Saturday

My mind was bent on the satire mode for a while, hence the last three posts. Tell me, why shouldn’t I write postings pillorying the sorry state of affairs in this country, when the mainstream media can indulge in it to a ridiculous extent?

Here are some choice bits of the spin doctors’ and toadies’ editorial pie since December started, for your collective inspection. Some of course, don’t need to be spun, they are born as gems of inanity.

1. Have healthy fun with bike-racing, rather than joining illegal rallies.

2. Youth Pollution Index climbs steadily.

3. Protests are good appetite suppressants.

4. Pulp Fiction.

5. For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, he’s a jolly good fellow….

Cukup laaa…., now go do some useful things, like that mountain of laundry that is stinking in the corner.


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