Attempted Murder Charge Dropped, Killing 3

Kuala Lumpur: Three people were killed today when Attorney General Tan Sirap Guni Pataik dropped the attempted murder charge against 31 Hindraf supporters.

The incident happened in front of dozens of witness including a judge and numerous defence lawyers in a courtroom in the federal capital.

The dead were identified as policemen Lans Kpl Tunggu anak Lintah and Kons Karupusamy a/l Vellaisamy and court interpreter Nur Tejemah binti Bukuman, who were all pinned under the dropped charge.

Guni attempted to flee, aghast at the deaths, but were quickly overpowered by some of the 31 Hindraf supporters.

He was led away later, screaming, “I didn’t mean to kill them,” before a well-meaning unidentified member of the public silenced him with a pavement brick.

Justice Wan Tukiman Wan Rugiman, when met outside the court, said in his 15 years as a judge, he had yet to see a death in the courtroom.

“That too one committed by an officer of the court,” he said, before being interupted by a phone call.

“Ok, that’s all for today, my broker is calling,” he said, before continuing with the call “…Yes, Mr Singam, about the deal you proposed yesterday…”


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