Silent Majority…. Wha’?

 Lessons I learnt this week.

The silent majority gets to meet the Prime Minister because they are seen and not heard, like good children.

Abdullah Badawi prefers DAMAI (peace) over BERSIH (cleanliness). By implication, he prefers being dirty but with some peace of mind.

DAMAI reps could gain access (20 of them, mind you) to a military base in Subang to hand over their memo. Military…high security…et all, but still they could be allowed. BERSIH reps however, was not allowed to enter the Parliament, which houses ELECTED (we bloody put those guys there in the first place) representatives. That’s how fucked up this country is.

In Malaysia, calls for clean elections, and calls by marginalised poor gets hosed and gassed down, while calls for “peace” by Damai gets good press.

I still don’t know who are the 395 signatories of Damai is. Does it include Kodiang MIC Branch? Bukit Tagar Garbage Recyclers? JKKK Kampung Ceruk Tok Kun? Well, if they don’t, then they may be silent, but not exactly majority are they? LOL!

Don’t ask me why I say Kodiang. I seem to have a special love for the place. Nama…sikit punya karat!

Conclusion. All Malaysians are unequal, but some are much more unequal than others.


3 thoughts on “Silent Majority…. Wha’?

  1. I propose to form the following NGO, so that we too can support kepala batu bata . You are welcomed to be the prime movers in any other fields not mentioned and could add on to this list of NGOs.

    The national tosai vendors sangam
    The national Homosexual co operative patron m2m
    All malaysia lesbian cooperative patron asiii
    The jaga kereta association Patron nazi
    The call girls association patron daahhhh
    The pondan association patron ku naan
    Extortionist confederation of asean keris nan
    The sino malay koew teow manufacturers association
    The indo malay curry puff manufacturers cartel
    The bouncers association
    The big dick association
    The small dick association
    The big boobs association
    The small boobs association
    Pasar borong labour union
    Taxi sapu association of kelang Patron Zakar ria
    Persatuaan quacks of chow kit. patron soi leng
    The wig users association sammy davis
    The fellowship of pick pockets
    The lrt users association
    The taxi users cooperative
    The united pimps cooperative
    The paper lama buyers cooperative,
    The united scrap metal thieves of bolih land
    The land grabbers of kelang
    The association of illegal structures master builders association. Permit ? apa tuuuuuuuuu tak payah, ku ini hero kan.

    Blog owner ! your choice in displaying this group of NGOs in support of Da mai kai

    See ! so many NGOs in DA mai cai
    ADD on lah people
    Opps chivas group of ampang hahaha ! !

  2. Rajan,

    u forgot the Tuak Afficionados Club of Bario. Also…

    The Unprotected Illegals Society of Kampung Lindungan
    The Tsim Sha Chui Welfare Society
    The Displaced Toddy Drinkers Association, Brickfields Chapter.
    Persatuan UMNO Kaum Ibu (better known by their acronym)
    Majlis Bertindak Taming Sari
    Persatuan Silat Langkah Seribu

    dan lain lain…

    membership has its privileges

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