We’re justified, and we’re ancient….

Remember the song? Tammy Wynette did that inane but very catchy song with KLF back in the early 90s.

I started singing this song after reading of the multiple arrests this week of the Bersih folks, the lawyers last Sunday, and of course the Malaysian Government’s justification of it. Rajin rajin lah membaca. Here.

Why don’t they just charge these people in court? We have a legal system. Hell! We have two. But Nooooooo. The spectre of ISA is brought up just so we think this backbone-less squid of a Prime Minister means business.

You think the foreigners buy your reasons, Mr Kodomo Lion? With your use of ISA you have just lost the moral right to say anything about Bush and his “war on terror”.

Here, I reproduce part of a commenter’s remarks, that should tell us what people really think of Malaysia. Mr Rajan, I hope that was an honest tale.

HINDRAF and BERSIH is the talk of the town in new york. I was there last week and i returned yesterday. Those guys whom i met are, in fact, Generals of industry, are well informed about discrimination and marginalisation of chinese and indians in malaysia. They are well versed with the NEP and malaysian politics. Not a good word they spoke.Malu betul i !

I proposed the setting up of a joint venture between my co and theirs, this is what they had to say ,”Thats a great idea but not in malaysia, how about doing it in singapore, indonesia or thailand.”Then i knew why FDI is sinking in malaysia.

 Among other negative statements, they said that the officially 30% and unofficially 40% equity requirement , appointment of directors, corruption at all levels,education system is very inferior and stinks, and that they will have to bring in ICT people from india.That will involve headaches with the powers that be.

They are also aware of the perks given but are not the least interested but in singapore, indonesia or thailand, they are game.Out of curiosity ,i asked how they knew all this, they said “Man ! NETWORKING MAN! NETWORKING !”

They read MT. MT is their “official” newspaper on malaysian affairs. They too said that our stock market is not doing well,though the index rises , it is mostly shored up by” loyal” fund managers.All in the family type,you know what i mean !

 They informed me that most US fund managers are down sizing their exposure in the booorsaaa”with the aim of exiting the market and taking up fresh positions in singapore,indonesia ,thailand, china and india.
What can i say ?

What can you say indeed! People are not blind and deaf.


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