The long expected party…

What has been happening in Malaysia in the recent months did not start this year, or last year for that matter. The protests, from Batu Burok to the lawyers’ march to Bersih and Hindraf is just the belated manifestation of the belated awakening of people’s conscience.

Are we surprised by the Hindraf five’s arrest under the Internal Security Act? I for one am not. Been expecting this since Nov 25. Many times I looked at the petition. There is a grain of truth in some of the allegations contained in them.

However, the Hindraf lawyers should not have sensationalised the unverifiable points. More than 100 people slashed and killed? C’mon, 100 deaths cannot have been swept under the carpet. I was there.

I understand the angst. I understand the frustration of Uthayakumar and gang who must have met dead end after dead end in pursuing justice for the wronged. But I guess I lost respect for him after the bizarre blaming of the British and the superlative-ridden petition.

Hindraf’s energy would have been better utilised to join the Bersih push, or take on the current inept Indian leadership in Malaysia and replace them. They have the numbers.

But they had to bring drama. And because of that, the very cause they were fighting for gets swept away under the drama of their own arrest. Now, shortsightedness has made them a guest of the government.

Now what? What I know for sure based on recent events is that if there is a chance that the coming General Elections can be fair (hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah) then, lots of BN heads are gonna roll.

MIC will be the casualty…and their loss will be DAP’s gain. Whether DAP is ready to assume the mantle…well, your guess is as good as mine.

Remember though readers…It is not that the government are especially scornful of the local Indians (we r not even important enough to be publicly scorned). They just don’t tolerate dissent…IN ANY FORM!

Hence the use of draconian measures like the Internal Security Act, Seditions Act, Official Secrets Act, that allow detention without trial. Like the Myanmar junta, the BN thinks it owns the right to rule Malaysia, then, now and forever. And anyone who disagree, can be Kamunting-ed.

The general electorate is stupid enough to fear any change to the status quo. So the “dacing” is voted into power everytime. Not that our Opposition is any more credible.

I think we need 100 more candidates like Theresa Kok, Kulasegaran, Fong Po Kuan, Husam Musa and their likes in the Parliament. I have not mentioned PKR cos, frankly, they don’t inspire me.

Abdullah to me is a like Tolkien’s Theoden who was ruled by Wormtongue. And his administration is more like Denethor’s stewardship of Gondor prior to the War of the Ring.

Aaaaargh…I need a drink! : (


3 thoughts on “The long expected party…

  1. Well, at less they are not a bunch of cowards compare to the likes of you and others who like to tread upon the brave souls whom are willing to sacrifice a lot (there stood up for what they believe and knowing quite well the consequence of their action). At the moment, I have a lot of respect for Uthayakumar and gang.

    I hope the families (including 31 brave men) stay strong throughout the whole thing. My prayers are with you guys.

    Oh! And I am a Malaysian Indian Christian.

  2. Cowards? Lobo, I was there too, to record what was going on. I did this on my own accord because I wanted to see and describe what I saw.

    And I asked most people I met as to why they marched. There was a basket of reasons, but not one of them read the petition.

    The 31 who were arrested are brave, no doubt, so are the lawyers, but the lawyers are not leader material.
    Leaders would have thought of consequences to their cadre.

    Me treading on them? Screw your generalisations man, you dunno me.

  3. And another thing. For me, it was about a bunch of disenchanted neglected poor. It didn’t matter that they were Indians and Hindu. I am a Malaysian Indian Hindu. I have witnessed and helped to stop demolition of several temples the past 12 years.

    You being a Malaysian Indian Christian? What’s your point?

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