He ain’t softie, he’s mah brother

Ah…I wonder why the tough guy IGP was so eager to use force on the protesting multitude. It was not because of directive from above. No sir.

He has to overcompensate for signs of softness in his family. Don’t believe me? Check out his brother, yes, Jalaludin Hassan, the actor.

jalaludin.jpg Pic from The Star

LOL! If u kasi blur ur eyes a bit…he looks like Sharifah Aini doesn’t he? Or do I have to start wearing specs now?


5 thoughts on “He ain’t softie, he’s mah brother

  1. hi galadriel,
    LOL! yes, i bought the star yerterday and my hubby tanya “Kak Pah ke tu?”
    So, betullah galadriel, he looks like Kak Pah and my hubby needs glasses. hee….

    hope to see you again.

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