Lean on Me…

 You’re supposed to lean on people when you are not strong. But in Malaysia, it is a practice in recent times, to lean on those especially if you are too strong.

“Lean” heavily, preferably with tear gas canisters hanging from your belt, full riot gear and a Heckler & Koch MP5 pointed straight at whoever you are leaning on.

Why? Because this is Malaysia, where “public order” comes first. Where any show of dissent is stomped on with those hard regulation boots.

Hindraf Hindraf Hindraf. Demonise those idiots whose main transgression is a bloody stupid piece of paper containing lots of bizarre allegations, while you ignore the fact that a lot of people are unhappy with the establishment for a basket of reasons.  Human Rights under Siege in Malaysia Thanks to PosterBoy Mob, u da man!

And today, the spate of arrests have started. How convenient. Abdullah justifies it this way.

“If I have to sign a detention order, if someone has to be taken in under the ISA … I’ll do it without feeling guilty, without feeling sad. I know that I’m doing my duty,” he said.- Reuters

Anwar Ibrahim was “briefly” detained at KLIA. Tian Chua, was arrested along with Dr Lo Lo Ghazali of PAS and 10 other people when they turned up the the Parliament today to hand over a memorandum protesting a Constitutional amendment allowing the present Election Commision to extend his tenure.

Bits from AFP today,

Sentul district police chief Sofian Yasin said 12 people have been arrested so far while officials from opposition party Keadilan said 21 have been detained, including a 13-year-old boy.

More than 400 police surrounded the parliament to block the electoral reform campaigners who were forced to march there on foot after all roads leading to the building were closed off.

Trees lining the streets were posted with copies of a court order obtained by police that banned the campaigners from parliament- AFP

Meanwhile, the 13 Opposition MPs have staged a walkout from the Parliament in protest over the arrests of people who were protesting the constitution amendment, by the police.

Plus, Uthayakumar of Hindraf got rearrested. Malaysiakini has the story but to read that you’ve gotta pay laa. Now, this guy has some stuff to answer for, but what about the 31 fellas denied bail ? Atempted murder? Please laa…

First the rally organisers and participants, then the lawyers, the opposition politicians…then what? The Bloggers? Who knows they would be coming after us bloggers next…after all in Malaysia everything Boleh, right?


8 thoughts on “Lean on Me…

  1. I’m only surprised the ISA has not been invoked up to now!! Freedom of expression is what the BN leadership is mortally afraid of. I salute all those who were on the ground to make their point against this oppressive regime. Yes, oppressive for how else can you describe them!!!
    I’m pessimistic but all the trappings of a democracy are in place , and I fear after the next elections this oppressive regime will still get their 2/3 majority in parliament.
    i will only be too happy to be proven wrong!

  2. mr pm……all the while i was thinking you are a good prime minister leading msia more democratic…..instead now you are following the idiot mamak who had sell out the indians for his personal gains. Please dont follow that idiot, take peaceful assembly positively is good for the nation….corruption will be reduce…one sided causes alot of corruption like the idiot regime as you should know better than me, infact corruption started wild in the idiot regime.please dont follow him….give freedom to malaysia and you will remmember forever be a hero and dont be a curse by the nation.
    as you are very aware other races has been oppress by the UMNO for so many years so please be a PM of malaysia NOT UMNO….

    believe me sir, closed door policy will create closed door profit sharing its natural…..that’s where corruption exists…be more liberal corruption will be reduced by itself, dont control the mainstream media let them expose more things then you cabinet will be scare…..believe me sir…im not well educated but believe you are leading us to the wrong path….

  3. Ok ,, the basic necessities you Bloggers should prepare is Toothbrush , toothpaste(only colgate ) ,I bar soap (Lux)1 Goodmorning towel ,1 bATH TOWEL , Powder ( Cuticura if possible ) and personal medication .Blankets provided ( the balance of the Tsunami scam).If you guys need anything else , the Kamunting guards are friendly enough to get it for you at the Simpang Empat market( for a smAll fee of course) You will need money , i suggest just before you leave (wrap 2 hundred ringgit bills in airtight plastic sheets) slide it in to a pisang Rastali and swollow the pisang whole .Dont need a genius to figure the rest k ! Ohhh , one more thing ,, u’ll need to memorise the Rukun Negara .

  4. by writing stuff with some element of kissing the a**e of them MCA people, it could well serve as a decoy and get away with it. eh, but then again, i’m above the law. try and get me, i’ll wheel them over with my streamliner.

  5. HINDRAF and BERSIH is the talk of the town in new york. I was there last week and i returned yesterday. Those guys whom i met are, in fact, Generals of industry, are well informed about discrimination and marginalisation of chinese and indians in malaysia. They are well versed with the NEP and malaysian politics. Not a good word they spoke .Malu betul i !
    I proposed the setting up of a joint venture between my co and theirs, this is what they had to say ,”Thats a great idea but not in malaysia, how about doing it in singapore, indonesia or thailand.”Then i knew why FDI is sinking in malaysia. Among other negative statements, they said that the officially 30% and unofficially 40% equity requirement , appointment of directors, corruption at all levels,education system is very inferior and stinks, and that they will have to bring in ICT people from india.That will involve headaches with the powers that be.They are also aware of the perks given but are not the least interested but in singapore, indonesia or thailand, they are game.
    Out of curiosity ,i asked how they knew all this, they said “Man ! NETWORKING MAN! NETWORKING !”
    They read MT. MT is their “official” newspaper on malaysian affairs.
    They too said that our stock market is not doing well,though the index rises , it is mostly shored up by” loyal” fund managers.All in the family type,you know what i mean ! They informed me that most US fund managers are down sizing their exposure in the “booorsaaa”with the aim of exiting the market and taking up fresh positions in singapore,indonesia ,thailand, china and india.
    So, with all the hype given locally ,nothing seems to work.DAhh has to work harder in convincing the world that everything is alright
    They even know about the shit in proton and was regretting they lacked prior knowledge about the sale of augusta for a strum or they would have made a killing in buying it for a strum .
    What can i say ?

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