Conscience and Realpolitik can never be bedfellows

If you have one, you have to forget the other. Why I say this? It was this story quoting an MIC-sanctioned thug who is a senator no less. Why do you guys get worked up when other people are going to march and are willing to risk arrest and maybe gunshot?

“As Malaysians, we have lived in peace and street protests are not a part of our culture.

“I urge the parties to discuss and resolve the matter. History has shown that demonstrations always end in violence.””Hindraf’s claims are baseless and the Indians here will not support the gathering.

This is what Senator M.Saravanan was quoted as saying. If only he had paid more attention to his fellow Indian folks, there probably wouldn’t be a rally later today. But he’ll sleep in late (it’s Sunday btw) and get the updates later.

I have this to say to Saravanan…Go F**k Yourself!!

I still think the Hindraf method of suing the British govt is somewhat ridiculous. But the way MIC (and you 25 bloody NGOs) distances itself (Not Me, Not Me) is very typically hypocritical and *yawn* boring.

Here’s a thought though. Whether there is a rally later today (I’m blogging at midnight here), whether there is “collateral damage”, whether I see some deaths even, I know one thing.


The Indians in Malaysia are no longer content to be quiet. Let’s just say that Hindraf effort, mind-boggling as it may seem to many (me included. initially) has done one good thing.

This may very well spell the death knell of MIC as a political representative of Indians in Malaysia. Oh! wait a minute, the Malaysian Indian Congress who ostensibly represents all Indian interests here, has for decades totally ignored the likes of Punjabis, Malayalees, Telugus, hell even the Sri Lankan Tamils. Now it has become very apparent that they did a lousy job of protecting the majority Tamil-speaking people (generally the poorest of the lot).

The division among ethnic Indians here is very apparent. Firstly, the race and language groups, then the caste groups. After that, the haves and the have nots. Which is why for a long time the group cannot come together.

Hindraf has managed to rally the like-minded ones for many reasons. But fellow-feeling figures at the top. Indians of various walks of life has been discriminated at various levels for some time now. They identify with these guys.

The cavalier handling of Indian issues and Indian lives has led to this. The Rimba Jaya incident is just fuel to and already kindled fire. Read of some past fires at Lulu’s. Khir Toyo should have had his arse kicked for the Rimba Jaya incident, where his band of enforcement thugs tore down a surau as well as a pre-war temple, ignoring a court injunction.

Whatever happens today, I’ll tell you this… Samy’s days and MIC’s too is numbered. And I guess among those who might reap benefits is Nallakaruppan, the good black guy, who according to li’l birds, is launching a new political party tomorrow after finding out playing tennis with a DPM could get you nothing but trouble and ingratitude. 

BTW, Read Raja Petra’s God is watching us.  Nat Tan says the MIC thugs may be about…I don’t doubt it, after all, Indians are famous for screwing their own.


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