Who wants to get shot?

 Update: Two more lawyers arrested. Check out Malaysiakini, and also Reuters for overview.


Aha! Wot did I say yesterday?

Different rules of engagement, peeple. After Bersih, the police are “better prepared” to put a stop to the disgruntled Indians intent on attending this coming Sunday rally in Jalan Ampang. Wearing ORANGE, no less!

I’m of course referring to this report, particularly this para in bold;

Police yesterday set up roadblocks at major roads leading into the city, causing massive traffic jams. Some policemen were armed with submachine guns – weapons which are rarely carried openly by cops.

‘It is part of the police’s crime prevention efforts,’ Kuala Lumpur police chief Zul Hasnan Najib told The Straits Times.

He added that Sunday’s gathering, which has not been issued a police permit, was one of the reasons for putting up the roadblocks.

Similar roadblocks were set up during the Nov 10 rally to prevent protesters from entering the city centre.

Friends are calling to say there are multiple roadblocks all over Klang Valley, up till Rawang and from all entry points to the Kuala Lumpur and even in Seremban.

A friend who was driving in Seremban said he was stopped and his car serached, and so were the bags in his boot. Asked why, he was told by the polite, smiling cop, “Takda…saja check.”

BTW, this guy had no clue as to Hindraf and the class action suit until then.

Samy Vellu, who was in shock over the collapsed building in Perak and was given another shock by a UPSR student’s suicide, says Malaysian Indians are “free” to join the rally if they believe Hindraf claims.

Aiyo…Uncle Sam, but the IGP and Johari Baharom in say “cannot”! And to underscore that point, they just arrested Uthayakumar, one of the organisers of the rally. And again there will be a protest in front of the Shah Alam IPD at 2.30pm about this arrest.

And me? I still don’t understand why Malaysian Indians have to engage the British…who came, saw, colonised, pillaged and after some noise by locals…left.

I still think the thing to be done is to change the existing ethnic Indian political representation in Malaysia.

Even if it means kicking out Samy, the loose cannon Sothinathan (who now wants to have a punch-out with a woman), the mousy deputy-waiting-in-the-wings, Palanivel and the entire MIC.


7 thoughts on “Who wants to get shot?

  1. Well ! Thats another good one ! So ! Who shall the indians propose for the presidency of MIC ? ?

    Seen you at the Bersih rally {pics on Capts & shars blog}
    Activist on the ground, you qualify to take on Gods Spear.
    Take up the challenge and you could be Voted in, menteri ok tak ?
    Anything is possible if one puts their mind to it.
    You have good support among your blogger friends, So ok lah !
    Go girl go ! Kick some ar** in MIC.
    I strongly believe the MIC lineup must be screwed out of MIC.
    So ! Now what with the 25/11 rally ! Wrong strats employed ?

    As an indian and a hindu, i have no problem with any other religion, My best friends are from all races and religions,, we joke ,poke fun of each other without malice. All are equal .
    Maybe they got carried away or are they unaware of the terms of engagement. This rally is entirely different from the YELLOW WAVE. People wise, planning wise, motive wise everything lah.
    Only at about 1200 or so on 25/11, we will know what and how the result will be.
    What the score going to be ? Your guess !

  2. Sis.. I personally believe Hindraf has got legitimate claims… but you’re right — in UMNO’s Malaysia, sadly, indeed different rules apply.

    An you’re also so, so right on another score. Malaysian Indian representation needs a new face. MIC is a spent force, but what are the alternatives? Aiyaah, my poor heart bleeds and will continue to bleed…

  3. Now racial profiling rules in Kuala Lumpur. ‘Tis a sad day indeed, to be a third class citizen in my own country. I think Hindraf’s reaction will only cause more backlash against Indians but then, aren’t we already backed against the wall already?

  4. Indians are definitely backed against the wall, and this time they have nothing to lose, my friend.

    It sounds like an extremely bizarre action on the part of HINDRAF to sue the British, but after closer inspection, there is a purpose behind this (and no, it’s not about the famous “hidden agenda” by the Opposition, which is the famous refrain).

    Delivering a memo to the Malaysian government would be a completely pointless exercise, and the Indian-Malaysians need to get international attention.

    Hence, all these stupid actions by the government like roadblocks and checks are useless!! It’s impossible to stop every single Indian from going into the city.

    Instead the police and government just want to irritate the shit out of every citizen so they will think twice about protesting.

    Even now, I hear there is a terrible jam on the road. It’s all pointless! Just allow the protestors to get to the British High Commission and they will disperse quite quickly instead of causing such chaos.

    But the government of course, needs to villify protestors.

  5. Crankshaft,

    they have started dispersing. the cops blocked almost all entrance to the Ampang-Tun Razak vicinity. Me almost got arrested in Ampang Hilir 🙂

    the funny thing was, they threw teargas canisters, and some guys took it and threw it back. Heheh.

    Well I have this to say. It’s just a bunch of Indians with nowhere to turn to, cos all channels failed. But it was a largely peaceful rally except for sporadic bouts with FRU fellas in the KLCC area.

    Nice to see the Mat Sallehs in embassy row gaping, bewildered, wondering at all the fuss.

  6. Oh yeah, they almost looked like they were having fun. 🙂

    I’m almost beginning to believe Indians are genetically predisposed to having talent for cricket, hence the good catch and subsequent volley!

    You certainly have PR skills. 🙂 I wouldn’t have minded catching a glimpse of the fearsome cannister myself.

    Made in the USA, why am I not surprised? For all the anti-American comments, the government certainly gives them a lot of business.

    The Mat Salleh’s shouldn’t complain. At least the morning has been entertaining.. :p

  7. Hi Galadriel,
    I come here now and then. Read your comment at Rocky’s.
    My, you are one brave lady. And it ended nicely for you too with a ride from our friendly FRU!

    Crankshaft, yes, the Mat Salleh’s are not complaining. I had to have a working brunch with a group of them today. In fact, they found it highly entertaining and thought the demands hysterical. It surprised me, must say. I thought they’d be going like”no democracy here”, etc.

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