Badruddin’s Tunnel Vision

The general elections are definitely near. The Election Commision plays coy with with statements like this and the habitually rude and obnoxious Backbenchers have started a shocking trend of apologising.

Granted, Badrudin Amiruldin, our “esteemed” (or should I say steamed up?) MP from Jerai apologised only after Jelutong’s Karpal Singh threatened to “make the issue public”.

 Still his this sheepish apology blaming it on “terlajak” words seem inordinately hasty, compared to “close one eye” episode by Jasin’s Mohd Said and Badruddin own earlier “god has punished you” diatribe”.

In fact, it took Badruddin took more than a week, and this too was prompted by backlash from the disabled community of Malaysia, to retract his statement.

This “tunnel” statement that this Jerai loudmouth should really have refrained from making, might cost him dearly, and not too long from now.

The venue was the Umno general assembly, and the issue was with Air Asia female flight crew being too revealing. The female delegate who brought it up might have had a valid point on the decent attire angle (after all Air Asia is a leading budget carrier regionally). But this mulut gatal MP who can’t resist making a sexist or demeaning remark every now and then, seems to have taken the issue on a trajectory that is dangerous (to himself that is)

He can justify all he likes but then, to quote a friend of mine who likes to bastardise old sayings, Terlajak bot boleh gostan, Terlajak cakap, lu siap.

Badruddin and his fellow Parliament stooges, Bung Mukhtar Radin of Kinabatangan and Mohd Said Yusof of Jasin seem to have a knack for lots of tongue slips. Many of these slips has been at the expense of women.

These three has rarely (should I say never) shown their oral prowess during the tabling of bills and other more serious matters that Parliamentarians as elected legislators should do. So why do we need them?

I suppose at the end of the day their lousy rep reflects on the party that fields them and the blind electorate that elects them. But what do these three care, as long as their get their column inches in the newspaper, right?

In my kampung, if kids had uttered bad things, they usually get cili padi stuffed in their mouths. In the case of these three, I must say they are either badly brought up, or there is a scarcity of cili padi in their areas.


3 thoughts on “Badruddin’s Tunnel Vision

  1. With the triumvirate of B-B-M (Bung, BAD, and MaT Said) abeh lah kita, Sis. I wonder if our sisters and aunties in the hinterland know of their scorn and disrespect of women?

    Therein lies the problem. For true democracy to exists, the public must be made aware. Unfortunately in a tightly controlled media, the likes of ‘BBM’ will continue to hold sway… Let’s see if any of them gets kicked out. Although it’s wishful thinking on my part, I hope to God we don’t get reps like these anymore.

    But why am I depressed lately?

    Oral prowess, Sis? I doubt if any of them have ‘gotten down’ before. It might just be the medicine they need… 🙂

  2. Hahahah…..orang minyak…ur deprived…and that has caused u to “see” certain words more prominently than others. U still “khalwat-ing” with that comely engineer ah?

    On a sober note…the thing is orang Malaysia ni baik sangat. Too tolerant of shit.

  3. galadriel, well, what can we do if the voters elect them. It is a sad story repeated over and over again. The drama goes on and on. It is the same stories all over again and then comes the apology, meaningless.

    The words of wisdom says that only its own people can destroy the country, so if they keep on these kind of drama care less of what the world think of them, eventually it going to lead to a sorry state. The downfall of a nation start from such events in its history.

    Hope that some wisdom comes this next election, after all we are more then fifty years old. Surely there would be some wisdom to save the country. Have a nice day.

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