And the Penyapu Award goes to…

I hear the Selangor government has placed a bulk order for penyapu (broom). Not to sweep clean the graft-ridden departments and agencies but to local authorities who failed assessment collection targets.

SHAH ALAM: Two state government agencies were publicly rebuked when they were presented with a broom each on stage by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo for failing to collect assessment above the 50% mark required for 2006. 

Hulu Selangor District Council chief Tukiman Nail received the broom worth RM3.80 at the Selangor Excellence Awards at the Dewan Jubli Perak yesterday. 

The other recipient, Hulu Selangor Land Office former district officer Mislan Tugiu who is now Klang Municipal Council president, is overseas and a representative received it on his behalf. He avoided pressmen after leaving the stage.  – The Star


Khir,  now I’m inspired. Why not give out similar awards for those who fail their ratepayers in other ways.

What about a hearing aid award for Adnan Ikhsan of Subang Jaya Municipal Council. After all, the guy coolly ignored the pleas of Subang Jaya ratepayers when he allowed residential development on public land in USJ that housed a community hall.

Then, he had the cheek to lecture these same residents about give and take. The residents and shopowners in the area just seem to be giving giving giving. This is in Subang Jaya, where they implemented Local Agenda 21 that was supposed to pave the way for participatory governance.

The active residents were willing, able and poured a lot of effort into making one of the most progressive suburbs in Malaysia an exemplary one. But then, it looks like the Bolehland bureaucrats are throwing spanner in the works.

But in keeping with Khir Toyo’s theme of brooms, would stick to brooms, with a slight difference.

I suggest a Penyapu Lidi for Adnan Ikhsan. It looks like this.

penyapu-lidi.jpg Pic borrowed from this site


12 thoughts on “And the Penyapu Award goes to…

  1. The supplier has probably charged the state government something like RM450.55 per broom. For all you know the supplier is the guy who is receiving the broom himself. It’s a neat network. Works like a charm every time.

  2. Mat Salo

    plenty to be bangga about. after all, penyapu has a practical purpose.


    heheh…shame on me for not thinking this way after the AG’s report. mebbe i shud go into this supplying business. My kampung has a lot of coconut trees. plenty of lidi.

    welcome to my site bergen

  3. Hi Anu,

    *Clap Clap* to Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo!

    I was sooo impressed with the penyapu award…

    Unfortunately, the person who was receiving it was grinning from ear-to-ear…Some kind of ‘kena marah’…Sheesh…Like he was proud to receive it…

  4. the word is “sheepish” Daph. Sheepish grin he’s wearing there. Firstly, there are a lot of reasons why collections are low…and some of them are understandable.

    Khir on the other hand forgets other aspects of governance. Like accountability, fairplay, getting the sprawling state bureaucracy to work…etc

  5. Penyapu lidi for that guy is apt. Remember what our moms used to do when they lost their cool? They take one of the lidis and whack us. The Selangor MB should be doing it to this guy, too!

  6. I think the guy receiving the broom should be congratulated.

    Less revenue in the hands of such agencies means more money in the pockets of the cash strapped, long suffering, and inflation hammered ordinary rakyat. It also means less money to be channeled into dubious and wasteful projects that only benefit some crony or other. Less money to spend on water cannons and batons that will only be used on fellow citizens.

    Maybe that’s why the toyol was so upset and came up with this circus that has BN boleh written all over it. Sleephead in putridjaya must be really proud of such originality from his developed state top dog.

    Golden Penyapu award, anyone?

  7. hey, i’m not pro-md khir or anything silly but that penyapu idea was quite original. call it a demeaning act but its high time the local councils buck up and get the job done. its them whom the rakyat deals with directly afterall.

    so i say more broom-power. va-va-broooom.

  8. Now I am worried sick that a recipient of penyau award has been posted to MPK. Should Klang council start budgeting for the purchase of brooms! Looks like the moral of the story ‘ penyapu or no Penyapu u still get promoted in bolehland”

  9. kakaka…on one hand to Khir,good job on this penyapu thing, to the recipient-wah..still can smile one ah? and to the rest of the world reading this particular news, malu malu malu, but then with all the nonsense happening in Malaysia, I guess, this is very mild compared to giving wrong information to public, eg. 4000 turned up @ Bersih, or giving wrong infor to Al jazheera. Well, this is Bolehland, they STILL can do anything they want, still get elected and get away with it.

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