The Yellow Aftermath

Apa raaaa!

There was an almost total blackout of the Yellow happenings in the city on Malaysia’s mainstream newspapers on Sunday. It was almost as if it was a minor skirmish. Like it didn’t happen.

 But Monday (today) sees headlines like these.

The New Straits Times said “Don’t drag the King into this

The Star said “Royal Trap

And they go on to quote the Prime Minister…

Saturday’s street protest in Kuala Lumpur was an attempt to drag the royalty into opposition politics, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said. He described the illegal gathering, that also saw the involvement of five opposition parties, as a political gimmick. – The Star

You know, I have some thoughts post 10-Eleven.

Firstly, they change tack from a non-acknowledgement of the event,  to blaming it on the Opposition. Kinda makes you wonder what kinda strategists they have over there at the 4th Floor. Think guys think…be consistent a bit…it would salvage your credibility.

Secondly, there is no doubt that the Opposition parties gained something from this. But let’s not forget that the multitude who marched were just people sick of the apathy of the government.

Thirdly, to suggest that the King shouldn’t be dragged into politics is simply stupid. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy. M-O-N-A-R-C-H-Y. The Malay word for government is KERAJAAN. Root word being RAJA. Raja means king. He is very much part of the country’s political makeup. So save it.

Fourthly, must say something about the Macchiavelian Anwar.

Nice of Anwar Ibrahim to want to hijack it by suggesting we make it a regular thing. No thank you, Mr Anwar. Very cantik of you to turn up pillion riding on a big bike at the Istana on Saturday, but the point is already made. I am not of your Refomasi ilk. To suggest that Bersih rally become a regular thing would cause something of an anarchy. Tak payah lah!

Now we wait…and hope this march that drew some 60,000 people (The Star said 4,000) meant something more than just Saturday afternoon walkabout.

Otherwise, I ruined my boots for nothing : (


8 thoughts on “The Yellow Aftermath

  1. Hey girl… them boots are made for walkin’…

    Ye lah, ZM ordered total news black-out kot? Not to worry.. got blogs maa…

    What’s this? Ada new Ten-11 pin-up ke? I went to Shar ada suspiciously similar-looking gal in Kapla Lanun’s. Must be a new type of Kantoi Konspirasi 🙂

    Ya, heard about NM’s passing. I’m a big fan of Tom Wolfe and the so-called ‘New Journalism’ comprising Wolfe, Irving, Capote and Mailer. Interesting to note that they were all rivals! Wolfe oncel called the trio “Larry, Curly and Moe”. Wolfe also claimed that the Executioners Song’ was not M’s original work but the research was done by somebody else!. NM was a larger than life charachter and feminists hated him because he seemed to condone sexual violence. He stabbed his first wife at a party with a penknife. I guess all this super-gifted writers ada ‘kerek’…

  2. ZM as far as i’m concerned, can go jump in the well behind his house. Malu besar ada Menteri cam ni.

    Certainly kerek punya character this NM. But then most of the geniuses out there have some screw loose somewhere.

    MS, bilo balik? Lamo tak jumpo la brader..

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  4. The blogger message said it all.
    We who walk the talk messages we ….”Long live the King” and “We want clean election”
    What so political about that?
    Yes all the oppositions political party leaders were three too….showing they support a non corrupt government.
    And yes….Anwar and Hadi Awang suggestions… to have more frequent walks are not accepted….as everything do have a chain reaction..and in this case….the shop keepers and many small businesses suffer great loss too. We got to think of them.
    But if more walks are needed…I will be there.

  5. Well said, galadriel. On 10-Elven a point was made. Having more, as AI suggested, could be counter-productive. It would even be anarchic, as you say, and I for one don’t want a part in that.
    Less histrionics pls.

  6. It would have been great if there was no political party presence, but mere common people and their common concern on the state of rotten Malaysia.

    By using election as the cause celebre, it is as political as you can get. SPR have met some demands like indellible ink and even provide for invisible box. They’ll say what more. BN side will say “prove of claim of malpractises”. Any law broken? It’ll get into political rhetorics that has no end and the right place to slug it out would legitimately be the General Election.

    Thus, I beg to differ. It turned political.

    The presence of Anwar spoils it. He, hadi, LKS shd not have been there. Now the whole march is discredited as Opposition ploy, even CNN and AL Jazeera reported is such.

    If it is not for Anwar, I would have loved to see it, although I did turnup for this one after the event.

    For me, it is simple. I will never ever walk in stride with a man that is in collaboration with Paul Wolfowitz, master planner for the murder of Iraq; now collaborating with the State Department in FOundation for the Future; lets not forget his willingness to collaboratewith IMF to destroy our economy for his political motive; and many more of his endeavour I do not see need enlisting here.

    Anwar came on a big bike not like others that went through the march. Is that a leader? Ptooi! Don’t give a f**king excuse of back op. I got one too and was proudly operated on in the hands of a Malay doctor locally! Don’t give that bullshit. I would walk like the rest if I am the leader.

    Anyway Pak Lah’s handling left nothing to be desired. As one comentator said in Rocky’s, UMNO shd have march together and blunt the whole message.

    He dealt with the demonstrators issue in his winding up speech (what the hell was he winding up – nothing!). Police matter is not a party matter. (Wonder how on idiot who used to support Pak Lah and now supporting this march will reconcile … who cares he is an ole idiot!)

    I am agst anarchy and not a fan of monarchy … yes there exist a Malay who is no fan of raja-raja and all this, although I have such blood.

    This momentum shd be turned into a real wave, agst an incompetent, careless, and nepostically corrupt puppet leadership juggled by insiduous puppet juggling advisers .

  7. Ah, Mr Wrong,

    I do agree with you there. I wud hav felt better if the usual political suspects wasn’t there. Wudn’t have minded Pas there so much cos of “their investment” but the others were in many ways just passengers.

    Didn’t much appreciate Anwar’s entry but then, the guy is Macchiavelian if nothing else. I wud not march with him. I don’t trust the guy.

    But me and many others who marched had our own rationale. To send a signal. If it was just Anwar’s effort there, i doubt even 10% will be there.

    U turned up ah? Cool. Shud hav called me…teh tarik afterwards..: )

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