Norman Mailer No More


2007  saw the passing of two towering literary scions of America. First was Kurt Vonnegut who died earlier this year.

Two days ago, it was Norman Mailer’s time to meet his maker . The acid, unapologetic, sometimes downright mean but unabashedly honest writings of Mailer will live on in the concsiousness of millions who have read his words.

Read the news here. In his life, Mailer wrote dabbled in many areas of writing; as a playwright, novelist, journalist, screenwriter…and was even a director.

I came across his work rather late, but as a rather impressionable 20-something. But I did eventually and I must say I am the richer for it. Mailer had the gift (to me at least) of being able to yank away the blinkers that protected one from seeing life in its honest state; warts, blisters, festering sores and all.

That he did with the force of a cyclone that swept away all vestiges of innocence in its wake.

He will be missed.


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