A Yellow Day to Remember

Indeed it was. There was tremendous police presence, roadblocks everywhere in downtown Kuala Lumpur, and the blue-grey fatigues of the Federal Reserve Unit was a familiar sight everywhere you turn.

At the end of the day, it was just a bunch of Malaysians, who wanted to see their sovereign to raise their plight. But the executive used instruments of law and order to stop them from doing so.


Thousands of them braved the rain, the traffic jams, the tear gas, water cannon to attend the Bersih rally despite Pak Lah and IGP Musa Hassan’s threat of action.


This was taken on Jalan Syed Putra as the crowd was leaving the Istana gathering point. I marched, with Shar and Ancient Mariner and Ewoon.


Two Bersih rally attendee in light spirits, begging me to take their pics. : )


The police barricade at Istana Negara was matched by the marshal boys from PAS. These boys were an organised bunch who formed a matching protective barricade between the police and the marching thousands.


Look below. There were people from all walks of life, even purdah-clad sisters.



Yellow umbrella, Yellow t-shirt, yellow ribbon, yellow hat/cap, yellow bandana, you name it, they were all there.


Policemen doing their job. I must say that apart from a brief show of force at the Masjid Jamek Area, the police were generally very restrained.


As we marched from behind Central Market to the Istana, we encountered this scene where two of the marching multitude were praying, with pieces of plastic their prayer mat. I was moved.


Behind Central Market, road leading to Dataran Merdeka was blocked by police and the FRU guys. 


The policemen taking shelter at the Ambank near HSBC in Lebuh Ampang. They tear-gassed the area just minutes before I passed here, and lots of commuters and other members of public were seen coughing, tearing and sneezing. The nasal burn was kinda intense.

The mainstream media quoted the IGP as saying about 4,000 people turned up. The crowd I saw could have easily filled the National Stadium. So you see dear readers, how much the story is downplayed? Now do you blame the public if they don’t believe what they see on the news ?

Now, the people have made a point. You can’t ignore the people anymore. To all the scaremongers who said that this rally conveys a bad image of Malaysia internationally, I have this to say; “It didn’t need to happen this way. It did because the authorities are deaf to the people’s needs.”


8 thoughts on “A Yellow Day to Remember

  1. Hi Galadriel

    I agree that it did not need to happen this way. If only the authorities had listened to the citizens.

    At the end of the day, the authorities are answerable to the “rakyat”. It seems that they have forgotten that fundamental point.

    If they keep ignoring the people, a “bigger” point might be made. I wonder if the authorities want to employ the “wait and see” atititude, as always.

  2. Sis.. thanks for the cool pictures. Must’ve been really something to see people from all walks of life come together…

    What? 4000 only? How about at least ten times that amount? Interesting to note the discrepencies in reporting. This is what happens when newspaper editors bow to their political masters…

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  4. I’m telling yer, G.

    One of them purdah clad chick was Peaches.
    I know she’s keeping tabs on me.

    Or was it that SB babe I didn’t marry?

    OK lah…it was a swell afternoon walking with you, Ketua Lanun aka Ancient Mariner, Tony Yew, Eric Woon, Fred from JB, Melvyn from Setapak, Haris, Michelle, Shamila(sp?) and Nat/Lee Tsin who arrived as we were about to disperse.

    Met Sheih too.

  5. ah ppl, welcome all to my post.

    Haniza, thanks.

    JT…wot can I say woman?

    MatSalo…Bolehsia…apa pun boleh.

    and Shar…

    …U are one man obsessed. and possessed of wild imagination. Peaches in purdah? My god! Is that why u disappeared from my side for a while…copping a feel in the anonymity of a marching crowd? doing the dirty while everyone was going Bersih Bersih!

    tsk tsk !

  6. Thanks for your account and photos of the Bersih rally.

    I am compiling a list of detail commentaries so that people who are searching for them can easily find them. I hope you don’t mind if I use a couple of quotes from your blog for this list.
    The compilation of the BERSIH blogs can be found here: http://mfabm.blogspot.com

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