Go Yellow

I’m yellow today. Heheh…no, doesn’t mean that i’m a coward. I’m just wearing my yellow top a day earlier in kinship with the effort by the Bersih collective that’s organising the walk tomorrow.

 yellow.jpg Poster by Mob

 I spent sometime reflecting on this peaceful march last night. This morning, I read my thoughts translated into Uncle Zorro’s hopes.

Yes, this is a peaceful march. We’re going to see the King of Malaysia, or if you prefer it, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. We have a right. We are his subjects, and this is a constitutional democracy, last I checked.

I’m not a member of a political party. I was told that the Bersih coalition has some political party signees. I don’t care. I’m not affiliated with any of them.

I’m a voter. I can walk with my fellow Malaysians in a peace march to convey our thoughts and misgivings about the state of our country, to our ruler.

What else could we do? The mainstream doesn’t listen. The executive is sleeping. The judiciary is fixed or shall I say f*****? Who’s left then?

CID Chief Zulhasnan najib Baharuddin said there is no permit given for the Nov 10 rally? Not that the Bersih guys didn’t apply.

He said a non-governmental organisation sent in an application on Nov 3 for permission to hold the gathering but the application was rejected on Nov 6 by Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zulkarnain Abd Rahman.  

He refused to elaborate on the reasons for the rejection. Earlier reports said that Parti Keadilan Rakyat was the main organiser of the rally. – The Star

What else do they do?

I just hope the Opposition party people who attend this gathering won’t hijack this for their own ends. This is to be a non-violent march.

No talk, just walk. The silent march alone will speak volumes.

Saturday. 3pm. Dataran Merdeka.

I want some changes for the better. Do you?


4 thoughts on “Go Yellow

  1. We all want changes for the better. Do we have to walk,march,demonstrate and create a potentially explosive atmosphere for chaos and public disorder ?

    Can you control the sentiments of say 100,000 individuals ?

  2. Hi Anu,

    Just to let you know that I’ve got my personal account of the rally up. We might need something to collect the accounts of others being at the rally as well.

    I’ve split up the account of the rally into 2 parts, the blogger view account is seen at part 2. “The Yellow Revolution Part 2”


  3. Hantu Laut, I am more than glad to hear alternative means of doing that. The march was a peaceful one. There was no violence there at all.

    This happened because many of us are generally ignored. You think there was no attempt to do it in other ways before?

    How long do you think people can remain apathetic while their life falls apart?

    When people bring up matters in Parliament, they are told, Bodoh Bodoh, duduk duduk. Always silenced, intimidated and cowed into inaction.

    Well that has stopped.

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