Let There Be Light


Pix from a talented Flicker member.

Tomorrow, Malaysians celebrate Deepavali, or these days, increasingly called Diwali.

Here’s the generally accepted rationale for this festival that Hindus around the world celebrate.As a Malaysian though, my Deepavali wish would be to bring the light to this country and its people.

The light of knowledge to the ignorant who continuously allow the unscrupulous to pillage the country.

The light of fairness and justice to prevail despite many attempts to ignore it.

The light of magnanimity so we can forgive the the ones who wronged us.

The light of realisation so that the sinners who manipulate Malaysia and Malaysians for their own gain would know what they have done.

The light of foresight that allows the powers that be to ensure long term plans that benefit the country.

The light of humanity to ensure kindness doesn’t become extinct and needless suffering is a thing of the past.

The light of patriotism that keeps the passion and love for this country alive in all Malaysians.

The light of unity that bring Malaysians of all colours, faiths, cultures together as one entity.

And most of all…THE LIGHT OF LOVE… so we Malaysians see and love each other as brothers of the same motherland.Happy Deepavali to all. Om Shanti !  



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