Things are looking UP!


The civil service people got a pay rise announced not too long ago. This no doubt brought a lot of relief to those honest people whose creative antics wasn’t featured in the Auditor General’s report (those who didn’t scam the state with bogus invoices and pocket the loot while cooking the books).

Clap Clap n all that. But you know what? The reality is quite dire. Things are much worse than what the spin doctors are telling you on your feel-good terrestrial TV and mainstream media.

Everything is going up. I mean prices, of course. What isn’t expensive these days, one Malaysian can very well ask another.

Flour prices went up, which has a cascading effect in all flour-based products from your roti canai to bagels, croissants, roti benggali, buns, sandwiches, noodles….you name it.

Pak Lah said there will be no fuel price hike this year. I repeat, 2007. There’s less than 2 months left of 2007. What happens come January? You thought that the unprecedented

price hike of 30 sen last year would mean we don’t have any more hikes for the next two years? You would be wrong.

Fuel prices are exceeding US90 per barrel. So brace yourselves, fellow Bolehsians, for another round of hikes. Rising fuel prices will push transportation costs and this in turn will have repercussions throughout the market.

In the meantime, your salary and mine are not soaring in tandem. Our purchasing power is being eroded steadily. From this report, some excerpts.

 Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd (MMHB) managing director Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin looks at increasing prices differently.  

“Undoubtedly, prices for almost everything are going up, but is anything wrong with that?”  

He believes that if prices globally are increasing, there has to be a pass-through mechanism implemented by the Government.  

“We cannot live in an isolated world. In this globalised economy, we cannot have a protected economy.  – The Star

Yet shopping malls are springing up like cendawan lepas hujan in this country.

Who can afford more than window shopping these days in KL? The businessmen, the idle rich….the expats? The rest of us Malaysians will continue to be burdened by rising costs till one day it becomes susah mau cari makan.

This Mydin guy said something else worth thinking about.

He said the wages of Malaysians had also been artificially kept low. 

Citing the example of his starting salary 26 years ago at RM1,400, Ameer Ali said: “Now, I am employing graduates at the same salary. There is something wrong here. In every other developed country, the minimum wage has increased by at least 100%.”  

He said certain measures taken have helped the country in its early development stages. 

“But we have to get out of this rut and become a consumption-based economy. When you increase wages, you can increase the price of flour or petrol. So, the person who now earns more is also paying more, but all subsidies have been removed.”  – The Star

In the meantime, the government plots more ways to ensure we suffer, directly or indirectly. The highway concessionaires seem to have got us by our collective throats, and so, we ensure toll hikes almost every year, (especially KL-ites)

And while the scheming and plotting is going on, they get to do it in the luxurious confines of Palace of the Golden Horses. And Zulhasnan Rafique announces it without malu and segan.

WTF !?


2 thoughts on “Things are looking UP!

  1. Whoa.. pretty astute this Mydin guy. Spot-on Sis, things are definitely looking up –except a certain organ of mine during the crucial moment.. he…

    Oil at USD 80 and above is causing serious headaches for economies in Asia. Indonesia I wager will raise BBM prices first but they’re pussyfooting at the moment worrying about the impact on their 0.25 bil population. In Malingsia (, Be End too is scratching its head since oil subsidies is strangling the nation’s coffers. So they’d better get the GE going. THAT is the reason why GE is around the corner so they can hit the folks with a fuel increase immediately after. But first, during the campaign trail empty promises laa…

    Mydin got a point there, in Europe petrol at the pumps reflect market rates so it’s 3x higher than here, but salaries are also correspondingly higher.

    I think better do away with GE and use the billions of the rakyat’s money that they will (ab) use to win the election to stave inflation or use it for fuel subsidies…

    But POWER is everything innit? Strolling on the plush carpets The Palace of the Golden Horses (at the rakyat’s expense, of course) certainly is waaaaay better than worrying how the common folk is affected by the inevitable price increase eh?

  2. They think our resources are like a bottomless well that will never dry out. So spend like crazy la! I guess the shortsighted fools WE elected don’t know and don’t care about the future, dear Mat Salo.

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