Chief Justice…justified by chiefs

It is unfair to judge our new Chief Justice-appointee based on his political background, says Nazri Aziz, the Malaysian “Minister of Judges”. Why is it unfair? Isn’t the nomination suspect from the beginning?

How many judges are there? On the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, hell even the High Court? You can’t pick one that has no overt political connections? And you, the ruling elite, think there is no crisis in the Judiciary?

RPK has some dirt that tells us why this guy is not really qualified to become the No 1 Judge in the country. The Chief Justice of Malaysia is in effect the Supreme Pontiff of Law and Justice as far as the country is concerned. Shouldn’t some standards be observed?

There are high standards that the judiciary elsewhere in the world, hold sacred and subscribe to. A judgeship must be free from taint, from suspicion of taint.

Read this Code of Conduct of United State Judges, especially its 7 Cannons.

After that, there are questions to be asked.

Is Zaki the best candidate? Isn’t the fast-tracking kinda suspect?

Is he still a member of UMNO? Can a judge be a member of a political party and be seen to be impartial?

What happened to seniority?

Why not Justice Richard Malanjum? I suggested his name because Justice Abdul Hamid bin Haji Mohamad (President of the Court of Appeal) is only one year younger than the outgoing CJ Ahmad Fairuz, who retired today by the way, despite wanting an extension.

Oh, but Richard Malanjum (a highly respected judge and Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak) is not biddable and he is not Malay.

Why wasn’t any of the people in this list considered eligible. Hell, lots of them are senior enough. Why?

I’m not casting aspersions on Zaki himself. It is just that in this climate, wouldn’t this guy be yet another puppet in a puppetry series that went back years?

Where do we go for recourse? We, the little man-in-the-street.


8 thoughts on “Chief Justice…justified by chiefs

  1. I don’t think so it is the political background alone, but his private life which stings to heaven, marriage in a textile shop, destroying marriage certificate, 100 SMS a day etc etc. So is Malaysia short of legal people of integrity that he alone must be chosen. Is is not like the proverbial country of the blind, the one-eyed man is the King?

  2. Nazri Aziz, the Malaysian “Minister of Judges” He is not, he is more like “Administer for the Judges” if the court need benches, gravel, robes or even blink, blink for judges attire he will get it. They sure gave him the title of “Minister of Law de Facto” it means anything that is defect he get to hear about it and can’t do anything about it!

  3. I vote for Richard Malanjum. It’s high time Malaysians look beyond the color of their skins. The judiciary is what holds the fabric of a civil democratic society together and without it we’re certainly doomed. Therefore Malaysians MUST insist that the position is held by UNIMPEACHABLE judges. Or else we’re just looked upon as some third world banana republic despite having the tallest this the longest that…

    Let’s hope the small man-on-the-street realises this come election time…

  4. galadriel..who did you vote into power? UMNO ? Its no use voting for UMNO if you are not in UMNO becuz your voice wont be heard and hence don’t count.

    The only important voice of the rakyat is only heard in UMNO so all your pontification who to believe or who trust is worthless, trite and self masturbatory… a lone voice in blogsphere…so don’t worry yourself too much..enjoy the raya…Khairy Jamaluddin has hijacked UMNO through his father in law vehicle…


    Lone voice? I think u are mistaken. But even if I am, so what? I still speak out…even if its masturbatory. Hey…some of us jerk off this way.

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