‘Tis the season to be scared?!

The day has arrived. Happy Halloween everybody!

There are plenty of grisly truths and half-truths that served on the Malaysian menu today, for your pleasure.

Here’s some of the delectable fare.

1) Mr RM27 million is not worth that much after all? Well, that’s what he says in this report that he is not. He also says that the ACA fucked up. And that he was a victim of bad press. Ramli himself may or may not have clean hands but what he says about ACA doesn’t augur well for whistleblowers. Here’s his statement , courtesy of Malaysiakini via Screenshots. He said the former IGP gave him blessings to own shares. Blessings? He makes his ex-boss sound like the Pope.

PM said that the ACA is not stupid. The issue is not stupidity, Pak Lah. The issue is effectiveness and impartiality. To me the Anti Corruption Agency begins to sound like an evil tool of selective persecution.

aca.jpg Poster by Mob

2)The Cabinet pit bull Nazri implies that he cares for Indians more than he cares for bloggers. Not by much I must say. Yesterday, yet another temple, this time in Shah Alam, was demolished. Oh, perhaps the temple was illegal as per local authority bylaws.

But the fact remains. There are rarely any approvals given to construct a place of worship for non Muslims in Malaysia. More are torn down than are approved. Now this problem of demolition could be solved if a certain area with a large community of a certain race or faith gets a temple.

But who cares anymore? Indians count for less than 10 percent of the population. In the climate where the Prime Minister has lost reins of of the country, where a son-in-law rules by proxy, where Umno pit bulls with too much money doesn’t hesitate to flaunt their wealth or threaten people, who cares about the bloody Indians?

Having said that, I must say that a surau was also torn down in the demolition exercise. And this was despite a court order that gave permission only to tear down the squatter houses, not the places of worship (until an alternative site is given).

3) Spinning is a gift. It can also be evil. In my case it gave me a headache. When I read these two reports. One by Jacqueline Surin at The Sun. Another by Shaila Koshy at The Star. Same event, same guy…different things came out of two different newspapers. Read both and go figure.

4) Samy Vellu says the People’s Progressive Party  (PPP) is like a mosquito. The story is here. PPP is also a pest control company from Texas.

This is a mosquito. nyamuk.jpg

This is Samy Vellu. samy.jpg

You decide who scares you more.


5 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to be scared?!

  1. Where on earth did you get a Mosquito resembling Uncle Sam ? Those bloodsucking proposcis ,and the killer eyes,, wow ,, what a resamblance ! Btw, A Malay Problem is a National problem , a Chinese Problem is a Racial Problem ,and and Indian Problem is…. Problem ? What Problem ???

  2. you crack me up real good, with your last line.

    you should be in advertising. you do pack a few punches with just one sentence.

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