Spot the Joker!

I want One Million Dollars!!

This my dear…is Dr Evil…muahaaahahahah muahhahahah muahahahahah!

Boduh Bodoh Bodoh Duduk Duduk Duduk    

This is Nazri Aziz. And here’s Malik Imtiaz’s rationale on why he’s such a hot minister. This Rottweiller of the Malaysian Cabinet has canine instincts, and he bites first and thinks later…or in this case…not at all.

Now, who’s more shagadelic?


9 thoughts on “Spot the Joker!

  1. woohhhooo, now that you’ve placed both pix together, you can see the resemblance. but one’s a character from a fiction and the other, unfortunately, a real live person living in our midst.

    have you seen the latter in dewan rakyat? he should be in the movies la, dia punya playacting, i tell you, very happening.

  2. Real wayang punya macha…I’m begining to think he may be Indian….always ready to dishum dishum. This is the Minister of Judges n Lawyers…

    In jantan sudah salah konsep laa…

    FA, is dat u?

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