Death by faulty scanner?

 What kind of nonsense is this?

You can put a Malaysian in space for a price tag of RM85 million. You can spend RM3.4 billion for two Scorpene submarines. I will not complain too much about the submarine purchase.

Yet you can’t have a backup scanner at a sensitive border entry in case one fails. This bit appeared in The Star today.

 On the statement by Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Johari Baharum that there was an increase in firearms smuggling due to the breakdown of a scanning machine at the Bukit Kayu Hitam entry point, Musa said the force had not been able to repair the equipment. 

“At the moment, we are sharing the scanning machine used by the Customs Department at the entry point. 

“We should be able to share resour ces with other agencies with whom we are working together in order to cut costs,” he said. -The Star

WTF!!! In effect, the IGP is telling me that thanks to a faulty scanner, I can go to southern Thailand, shop to my heart’s content for firearms and just coolly walk across the border at Bukit Kayu Kayu Hitam and come home.


This article from last year says that Thailand wants to be gun-free in five years. Firearms aren’t exactly perishable goods. So, southern Thailand being your friendly ASEAN neighbourhood centrepoint for gun traficking, don’t you readers think that they will be having a lot of the Great Gun Megasale.

Where are those firearms going? Some certainly will flow south. And because of a bloody scanner, they will walk in unnanounced and end up in the hands of drug pushers and dealers who will drop cops like flies.

And of course the Police will come out and say they don’t have budget for more Kevlar vests.

The rising crime rate, especially serious crimes, is not something the Malaysian Police is unaware of. In fact, this report from ACP Amar Singh Sidhu made that very clear several years ago.

So what gives? It is up to the authorities to empower the security agencies on this country to act, and improve the crime-fighting machinery. Increase quality of our forensics people. Encourage technopreneurs and researchers who engage in and develop security-enhancing technology. Encourage further education for career cops.

No budget? RM85 million would have gone some way towards helping with that. Believe me, the need for public safety is much much bigger than a feel good PR exercise.

Now, I wish things like these were discussed in Parliament instead of skirt length, calling each other Pukimak and asking the non-Malays (that’s 49.6% of the 24.8 million estimated Malaysian population, according to this site) to leave the country if they are not happy.


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