I now know how little I know

Humbling thought. The more I read, the more I surf, the more I realise there are loads of things out there I DON’T know. Last night, my bedtime reading was the late Kurt Vonnegut‘s  Cat’s Cradle.

In recounting the life of the fictional Dr Felix Hoenicker whose cataclysmic creation Ice Nine spelt doom for mankind, he mentioned that Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite.

Never knew that. I went slapping my forehead thinking all sort of things, the main thought being “you ignorant fool”. Then the next thought that came got me laughing, for its irony.

 Here’s Alfred Nobel, in whose name, the Nobel Prize was given out every year for Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine (since 1969, Economics too) and the biggest of them all, the Peace Prize.

This guy who was born in a family of scientists, was known in his own lifetime as an armaments manufacturer. Heh Heh! Armaments and Peace…funny relationship.

The irony doesn’t stop there though. If you go through the list of Nobel Peace laureates  you’d see some names that will trigger a snigger. Heh Heh! Don’t believe me? Read it here

1994 was kind of a farce. Three hawks; Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat (the latter two are dead now) shared the Nobel Peace prize for their work in bringing peace to the Middle East. Peace? Middle East? Who respects the Oslo Accords these days?

1978 Nobel Peace Laureates were Egypt’s Anwar Al Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin. Begin was reviled by many as the butcher behind the Massacre of Deir Yassin. I guess history is often written by winners.

In the words of Mr Vonnegut….so it goes!


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