You can’t be Gay and Happy in Singapore

We Malaysians can bitch all we want about our tiny neighbour down south but we must admit we have so many things in common.

Here’s the latest thing, courtesy of Reuters via Yahoo.

SINGAPORE, Oct 23 – Singapore’s parliament decided on Tuesday to keep a ban on sex between men, with the prime minister saying the city state should keep its conservative values and not allow special rights for homosexuals.”Singapore is basically a conservative society … and we want to keep it so,” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a rare speech to parliament.

The chamber passed a bill on Tuesday for an amended penal code that kept the ban on sex between men, but included other changes such as legalising oral and anal sex between heterosexual adults, a spokeswoman at the home affairs ministry said.

Tough eh! What they are saying essentially is that homosexuals can’t do each other at all….not according to law. But Heterosexuals can violate each other’s ass with consent. Baffling.

Hmm…Singapore is prudish alright, but so are many other countries in the world. Life certainly ain’t so happy for gays these days.


8 thoughts on “You can’t be Gay and Happy in Singapore

  1. We Military types are not that very closed mouth. Sometimes we tend to have runaway mouths. I will be placing your site under my blog roll soon. ….in the near future, most of the time I am free after midnight, so doing links takes time. Anyways thanks for dropping by, feel free to ask. What I can answer without getting into trouble I will answer. There are alot of unsung heroes in this country, people like u, Jeff Ooi, Rocky Bru, Malik Imtiaz Edmund Bon and so many like minded people. One does not need to carry a rifle to fight for ones country. I know, you are going to say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, people who say that, have never heard of a machine gun. Ha, ha, ha.

  2. Its hard to shake tradition in this region Sista.

    The gays should migrate to London or the US. Then, they can get married.

    Oh hell! What’s the fuss anyway? Aint that grand being married. It comes with tonnes of responsibilities.

    Having said all these, nothing beats the feeling of having your other half standing by you through everything.

  3. Whats all the fuss about 2 guys back stabbing each other in the rear … if the singaporean guys wanna puncture each other , by all means do it ,just dont expect your Govt to sanction it. i kinda support with your prime minister’s speech in Parliament coz like it or not .. we actually live in a conservative society Region .

  4. I’m an inherent conservative where this is all concerned. I’m just reflecting on the “sore” deal the gays suffer in Singapore. Not that it is legal in Malaysia. Just ask Anwar.

    However, if u read the news report, anal and oral sex is allowed but between heterosexual partners. A guy can have anal sex with a girl, but not another guy. I think anal sex is sick n unnatural too, but hey…the Singapore govt doesn’t think so…

  5. Can’t be GAY and Happy, sis? Sure you can in SIN city, just don’t poke each others u know what with impunity! By why does when one mention that G word, what comes to mind is visions of puncturing and buggering?

    Hey there’s plenty of hetero’s that don’t have sex (do I hear some hetero say she’s wasting away?) so it’s the same for our G friends. I personally know one who came out of the closet but I doubt he’ s had sexual experience.

    It’s not about ‘sex’. It’s about orientation, that’s all.

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