Sorry Excuse for a Soldier

There are rights and there are rights. But what this represents to me is unadulterated bulshit. Read on..

LOS ANGELES: A Malaysian-born US Army soldier has launched a legal bid to prevent being sent to Iraq, claiming deployment to the war zone would conflict with his religious beliefs, lawyers said on Friday. 

Calvin Lee Chee Keong, a 26-year-old Malaysian who has permanent residency in the United States, said in a lawsuit filed here that he had been duped into joining the military by recruiters in 2004. 

Lee, a Buddhist, said he had been told he would never have to leave the United States during his three years’ military service or go to war, lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said. 

However, he sought conscientious objector status after discovering that his service was being extended and his unit was being deployed to Iraq, the ACLU said in a statement. 

“Every action of killing is so evil and wrong, I don’t want to do any evil things and see any suffering happening right in front of my eyes,” Lee said in the statement. 

Wow! How convenient. I don’t understand this. Calvin Lee is a Malaysian. He joined the US Army. I suspect that decision is more to do with furthering his own ends , certainly an opportunistic move, rather than anything altruistic. After all, joining the US military does bring with it tremendous opportunities for growth and personal development.

Mr Calvin Lee, here’s the news, you idiot. Those opportunities are a recognition by the US government, of the sacrifices of soldiers, who are supposed to be the defenders of the ncountry (in my idealistic parlance anyway).

You are a soldier, for God’s sake. No one put a gun to to your head to join the army. You should know that a soldier is required to bear arms, and maybe even kill, in defence or offense. So, to cry that you have been duped by recruiters is indeed laughable.

Takut mati ah? Kiasi ! What was a Buddhist doing in a profession that one certainly knows, requires aggression and violence? I’m not disparaging your religion at all. Buddhists are determined peace-loving folks. But it is your motives that seems to me, rather impure.

You are a disgrace to all brave soldiers out there. There are millions of soldiers worldwide who sacrifice time, effort, personal safety, individual rights and even their lives, just so that they don’t compromise their team.

I was and will never agree with the US war on Iraq. That was a stupid, highly immoral war that will have repercussions for generations in the Middle East….maybe long after Bush, Cheney and his Haliburton gang are six feet under.

But to cringe at going to war after reaping all the benefits of your host state? That is a new low. Mr Calvin Lee would not even have defended the country of his birth, should push come to shove. That’s the way I see it. Shames me to read that he’s a Malaysian.


20 thoughts on “Sorry Excuse for a Soldier

  1. “… conflict with his religious believes….” my ass.

    Yo Calvin Lee, nobody joins the army and have walks in the park. Check again how the word army is spelt and you’ll be duty bound to take up arm(s) to defend, kill or be killed. What a dumbass.

    What and why is a Malaysian like you doing in the US army anyway?

  2. Heheh…I share ur disgust Eric. n Philip, u know this guy? Opportunist eh? I suppose this is an example of God having a twisted sense of humour…at Calvin Lee’s expense

  3. Calvin Lee is my friend, whom i know since 1994. He already has his PR many-many years ago. The reason he joined military is not due to getting PR status in US, as many people speculated.

  4. To Jin …

    You are as much a dumbass as Calvin. Did anybody here suggest he joined the US army to get PR?

    Is he your boyfriend or what and you’re defending him? Stupid u (if i can call you that), no army will let you into their base if u already do not have PR, at least.

    Go, cry like a baby like your bf is doing now. The both of u are made for each other.

  5. Heheh…got more than he bargained for, this guy. Ewoon, chill man….i know it gets on the nerves to see fools like these in the blogosphere. I share the sentiment.

    Sometimes we intellectualise too much that we fail to see the simple values and truths out there.

    Things like loyalty, fairness, ethics…buried under the sometimes selfish concept of individual liberty. It is said that no man is an island…but other times, it is conveniently “Every man for himself”

  6. He’s nothing more than a low life chicken shit Opportunistic weasel ,just plain simle. Worry not Calvin , u might just get what you wish for .. a PR status plot at ARLINGTON cemetary. Niamahhh

  7. Tee, you kenot ask like that mah. U should ask:

    Hi Calvin,

    are u from MXU? MXca side or CXjaya side? EXgineering department or IX department?

    something need to be hidden then only he don’t have the total right to sue us. cos I am from law department, I know that, he! he!

  8. Nah…no matter what you guys say…The matter don’t affect you all. The news is just for you to discuss, but all in all, he survived!

  9. Dude, the story ” of being told not need to go for war” is a truth fact. and do you know what benefits he has reap? A little, but not for citizenship nor PR, not for money because he is just working like normal people in the army while getting really low salary. Maybe for free food and some place to stay.

    Benefits only come after you had served and he did served for 3 years, and yet they still ask him to go for the war even though his contract ended.

    Btw, I AM NOT Calvin Lee of course!

  10. Hey, ewoon, why are you a cranky old man going around flaming people? Unless you don’t mean what you say about agreeing to disagree. Go pick someone your own size

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