A Nobel Truth

On Feb 5 I blogged about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by some Balkan NGOs. A man I much admire for many reasons, this man is in my opinion a towering Malaysian indeed. Hope he recovers soon

 However, it was a long shot at best. The Nobel for Peace was announced today and I am very much heartened by the fact that it went to Al Gore and the UN Climate Change Panel. I like the lengths to which Mr Gore has gone, often in the face of much opposition, reluctance to commit, apathy and derision from industry head honchos, the public and also the short-sighted Bush administration.

I would like to hope that this is a sign that the Nobel committee and the international public is aware of the importance of handling the issue of global warming, climate change and conservation.

Let’s hope they fight the good fight to educate the masses, governments and corporation on our common responsibility to preserve a decent quality of life on this planet. Like the One Earth ad says, its not as if we go shopping somewhere else.

This seems indeed Gore’s year. The man who “used to be the next president of the United States” won an Oscar earlier this year for his An Inconvenient Truth, a sobering documentary on climate change that sent major ripples across the world as far as awareness was concerned.

Now the Nobel. There are talks of getting Gore to run for President in 2008. The guy hasn’t committed anything yet. However, there is a sign that the environmental card is being played as a vote-puller. The Democrats’ presidential candidate Barack Obama pushed for up to 80% vehicular carbon emissions back in April this year. Read it here

Republican California governor Arnie Schwarzenegger went as far as to issue an executive order aimed at reducing carbon content in fuel. So yes. It is fashionable for even the politicians to be enviro-friendly.

In Malaysia however, we still have a knee-jerk reaction to environment and conservation. Does anyone remember what happened with Lojing by the way? Is that something that will only come up during the coming elections?

We Malaysians will not learn, will we? We rejoice about putting a man in space, but we forget to ensure we have a healthy Earth to bequeath to our children. With this kinda attitude, we might as well all pegi mampus!!



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